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  • No they shouldn't

    All "objective" reasons aside (like that new stadium not being build for years now), I think this whole "relocating the team to another city like it is a traveling circus" movements are very disrespecable to the fans, and should that happen, I, personally, wouldn't have EVER ever rooted for that team that would came to my city, like a business looking for better cash opportunities. Sport is so much more than money , and especially for these mass team sports that have existed for decades and that have bonded and connected many, many generations from the same city/area to betray that legacy and tradition just because the owners want better profit is disappointing. I know, many will say, hey this is America, (business)man can do with his property as he pleases, and should always go for the money and "better opportunities", but i think that's plain wrong and soulless.

  • No they shouldn't

    The Raiders have played in Oakland for a very long time. They should not relocate to San Diego. The Raiders are a part of the people and the culture of Oakland. It would be a great shame for the team to move. In addition, there's a reason the Chargers want to leave San Diego.

  • San Diego is the home of the Chargers, not the Raiders.

    The Oakland Raiders should remain the Oakland Raiders, and the San Diego Chargers should remain the San Diego Chargers. There is no need for two teams in one city, especially in a state the size of California. I believe that the Raiders have a long history steeped in tradition in Oakland, and that is where they should remain.

  • The Raiders should be where the team owners want.

    I don't even understand how this could be a question. A team should always be where the franchise owners want the team. Granted, there are legal and monetary considerations but given that baseline, the team owners will always make the right choice. Their decision is in alignment with the fans due to the shared symbiotic relationship.

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