• Should be saved

    The rainforests should be saved because it is a habitat for tons of wild life and some species might go extinct because of it. It is a beautiful place for exploring but wildlife needs it to survive so do we. A some of our food comes from the rainforest but if we cut it down the species will either leave or die.

  • Yes, the rain forests should be protected.

    The rain forests of the world should be protected. Cutting down the rain forests would have dire consequences for our environment. Much of the hype over climate change is just that, hype. However, the rain forests actually contribute positively to the Earth's climate--destroying them would cause an ecological crisis for the world.

  • There is a purpose.

    The rain forests have an important purpose to serve in the ecosystem. If we lost them, there's no way to know how the balance of the world would be upset. It's possible that dangerous species that live in the rain forest would go find other places to live where they would be around people.

  • They definitely should be.

    We only have this one planet so we should do all we can to protect all its different environments. The rain forests of the world are home to countless species of plants and animals. They help maintain a delicate balance in the environment and everyone needs to work together to ensure they don't slowly disappear.

  • Rain forests of the world should not be protected

    Rain forests of the world should not be protected, but with a caveat. That being, if preservation of the rain forest takes precedence over the well-being and livelihood of actual human beings then the forest should not be protected. But if protecting such forests to save the yellow breasted titmouse as being more important than somebody's livelihood, that is just ridiculous.

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