• Without it, We could Die, as a specie

    WHY????. People have been cutting down trees for the last decades and by the time You finish reading this, at least 4 football fields of the rainforest will be destroyed as well as 1000s of undiscovered species of animals and plants that could save millions of lives. People must be stupid if they think that," Yes we should cut it down for chocolate". Well, there won't be any chocolate left if we don't save it. And every time you cut a tree down, IT RELEASES CO2 and do you know how bad that is? NO..??? It HELPS GLOBAL WARMING Which is eventually going to kill us by change of climate etc.. Well, I might be only 13 but i am trying help by donating to non-profit organizations. I really think that they should kick out the current corrupt government who's allowing people to cut the trees down and replace them with stricter governments who are trying to protect it. Also I think the punishment for logging, poaching and slash and burning should be the death penalty because Be serious, Once Its Gone, Forever its Gone and it will lead to the death of us

  • Humans versus an ecosystem

    While yes, we do get extremely important products from rainforests, such as medicine, lumber, food products, and more, we are destroying an ecosystem by destroying the rainforests!! Rainforests support species that are found nowhere else in the world, and some we haven't even discovered yet. We need to help protect our beloved earth, not chop it down for our own selfish benefits. Plus, we could still learn a lot from rainforests, such as improving our technology or even finding cures for diseases all over the world. There is so much potential left in these lush gems, and they should be protected at all costs.

  • "lungs of earth"

    The rainforest is the habitat of over 30 million species of plants and animals. If their home is destroyed then these fauna and flora will surely die out eventually. Don't be a fool and think that the extinction of these species will not harm us in any way-- because it will enormously. Also, the millions of trees in the rainforest absorb the poisonous gas we exhale called carbon dioxide and transform them into oxygen. Since some people decided to burn more than a couple thousand of these trees, all the carbon dioxide is being released. The result is climate change and less rainfall. Wow, I couldn't agree more with the people who don't support having the rainforest saved...

  • Errrr... DURRRRRR!!!!! YEAHHHHH

    Well DURRRR. Animals are being killed and in my opinion animals are more important than humans. This is because we were animals once, so if all humans died, animals will gradually grow into humans. Also what about air. If you kill the rainforest you don't want to be blamed for everyone's death, do you? Tribes... People still live in the rainforest, what would happen to them? Lastly, the rainforest plants are used in life-saving medicines, for children and adults. You don't want to kill innocent people and animals for money, do you? This is a discrace and I'm very disappointed in the people who DO chop down the rainforest... DURRRRRRRR!!!!!

  • What would we do without it?

    The rainforests are the "lungs of the plant". Most of the planets oxygen comes from the rainforests. Also, there are so many plants and animals in the rainforests. The tribes people of the rainforests live a much better and more sustainable way of life than we - as modern humans - do. If we all lived life like the tribes people of the rainforests, planet earth would be a better place.
    There are cures for disease and so many species of animals in the rainforests. 50% of life resides in the rainforests. Human life would end as we know it if the rainforests are destroyed.

  • Help it survive!

    Yes, it should totally be saved. It is killing animals, some that we don't even know exist yet, and contributing to Global Warming which could potentially end our world.. 😓 Also, there are probably cures to all kinds of diseases and cures yet to be discovered that would disappear! SAVE!

  • Yes it should

    The rainforest's should be saved because one, the people who need curing won't have medicine two ,there will be lots of droughts and floods without it three ,rain-forests recycle water and if the rainforest's is gone there will be no more water left on the world in the end. I hope you understand this

  • Because there are so many plants that can save many people's lifes

    Most used herb of Western Amazon rainforest is called (among other names) chuchuhuasi. Traditionally chuchuhuasi is used by millions of Amazon rain forest inhabitants to relieve pain and inflammation, to treat arthritis, rheumatism and back pain, to restore vigor after a debilitating disease, as a general tonic, and for relieving menstrual pain and enhancing libido, to stimulate immune system, and as excellent insect repellent.
    Chuchuhuasi is pretty close to an all-in-one remedy. Check it out here: In late 90’s American researches were studying its healing effects on arthritis and anti-inflammatory properties. Scientists discovered that some alkaloids in chuchuhuasi extract could successfully inhibit formation of protein kinase C (PKC). PKC inhibitors have high reputation, as it is known that excess of PKC enzyme in body can cause wide spectrum of illnesses including arthritis, asthma, brain tumors, cancer and cardiovascular illnesses.

  • We should protect the Amazon Rainforest.

    We should protect the Amazon Rainforest because it have tons of good stuff and food, trees, oxygen, houses for the animals, freedom, and its a very place to camp or even stay there for awhile. The Amazon Rainforest is a beautiful place and we love also its a good thing that we have a good and beautiful rainforest.

  • It saves our lifes

    If we don't all the animals, discovered a a undiscovered will die. Nearly half of our drugs and medication come from there. We need oxygen which comes from trees. I have many more arguments. Keep in mind that forests can save our world from polution. It's your turn now. GO!

  • Hippies who think rainforest should be saved always change their mind once they visit them.

    Rainforests are dangerous and if you visit them you are exposed to 3000 different dangerous animals and things that cause cancer, many people die. Cutting down trees would kill of dangerous animal inhabitants and their poisonous flowers, it would also create jobs and cheap, but quality lumber helping the host country economy.

  • There are two sides.

    I see both sides of the question and I agree that the rainforests should be saved, but I also wanted to state some reasons why other people don't think it should be saved.
    First, people make money off of cutting down trees and selling them. A lot of people in this world need money in order to survive and frankly, there are a lot of people who could use this job.
    Second, the wood is used for important things. Paper, desks, cabinets, bookshelves, tables, chairs, etc. Wood is used for a lot of things that we need.
    Third, yes animals will die and I agree that that is terrible but many species, especially rare ones, are saved, studied, cared for, and most are released back into the wild someplace else.
    Fourth, yes the trees give us air to breathe, but they do grow back eventually and when they do we will have more fresh air again. Also, people don't and won't destroy all the rainforests in the world.
    Fifth, many of the same herbs can be found in different rainforests that are used in medicines, Just because one rainforest is cut down with some herb needed doesn't mean that there isn't another rainforest with that same herb.

    I am just saying there are many good arguments for both sides.

  • No they shouldn't.

    We can get medicines from the rainforest to help with all the diseases that are in the world. What do you think is more important, humans or animals? Do you want poor babies to die or do you want animals to die? Think about this, chopping down the trees isn't such a bad thing it gives jobs and medicines and food to help humans.

  • No they should not save them

    If we did not cut down trees we will get no cocoa and then chocolate will
    not exits.
    Third point the rain forest is big and as the population grow we need new land so we cut trees down to build houses and hotels for tourist. And we also need to build schools to educate children.

  • Where do you live?

    I don't know obviously, but I'm guessing many of these "yes" voters are living in countries with high standards of living, good economies and generally support a population who live well. THEY have used and abused their environment to bring about this prosperity but now that another country wants to do THE VERY SAME THING, suddenly they are selfish planet killers? Think about the lives of the people who benefit from the rainforest and put yourself and your family in that position. Still want to put a tree before you and them?

  • Fuck the Rainforests

    If cutting down rainforests is such a big deal, how come we've cut down so many and had like no consequences? The atmosphere had plenty of oxygen. There are 900 things that cause cancer in the rainforest and 3000 deaths per year directly attributed to it. Also, the main rainforest in question is the amazon, located in third world countries. Give those people jobs!

  • Fuck the rainforests

    If cutting down rainforests is such a big deal, how come we've cut down so many and had like no consequences? The atmosphere had plenty of oxygen. There are 900 things that cause cancer in the rainforest and 3000 deaths per year directly attributed to it. Also, the main rainforest in question is the amazon, located in third world countries. Give those people jobs!

  • Just read this

    Rainforests=trees trees=oxygen oxygen=human and other living creatures life human and others lifes=happy people no rainforests=no trees no trees=no oxygen no oxygen=humans and other living creatures die
    So if there is no rainforests we wont have a life and every time we chop a rainforest down we kill poor poor animals.

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I love the rainforest!