• They Need To Keep Amendola

    The St. Louis Rams would be stupid to not keep Danny Amendola on their roster. Before he was injured, he was leading the team in receptions and one of the top receivers in the league. Their quarterback needs help badly and getting rid of this guy would not be helping at all.

  • Yes, he should remain.

    The player is tough and has a great deal of talent. Receivers like Danny Amendola do not come around every day. His spirit and dedication can inspire a lot of his teammates. The Rams would do very well to keep him and plan to use him in their offensive plans for next season.

  • Yes, they need him

    The Rams are an ascending young team with a talented young quarterback, and they don't have many people to catch the ball. Amendola was by far their best receiving option last year, and a vital safety blanket for Sam Bradford. Even if the Rams were to go out and acquire a more flashy, physically-gifted receiver, Amendola would still fit in nicely as a trusted second option.

  • Who cares?

    The Rams and the rest of the NFL can intimately express their feelings with my posterior. There's much more important stuff going on besides competitive sports, like war, murder, disease, poverty, despair, art, science, beauty, you name it. Why waste it talking about sports of all things, especially one as boring as football?

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