Should the Rangers have fired Coach John Tortorella?

  • It Was His Time

    New York Rangers ice hockey coach John Tortorella was a very good player for many years in the National Hockey League. He was also a pretty good coach. But the fact of the matter is that, prior to the time he was fired, he had lost the locker room and no longer had his players' respect.

  • No, John Totorella had comitted no offenses to warrant this.

    No, John Totorella should not have been fired from the Rangers. When anyone looks up John Tortorella there is no reason as to why he was fired except for being rough around the edges and for pushing his players to do their best. He may have been especially hard against the 'tough-love' aspect of coaching, but there were no major crimes or offenses that were committed to warrant such a drastic move of firing him.

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