• Yes

    The Ravens have a proven quarterback that can run the offense; however, the Ravens have struggled offensively this season. This team is a real Super Bowl contender and needs and offensive coach that can utilize all the weapons on this team. Joe Flacco has the ability to win, but needs a coach that can guide him to it.

  • yes

    I believe the Ravens made a smart decision but the decision will not help them reach the Superbowl. Jim Caldwell helped make Peyton Manning the way he is today. Joe Flacco will be a way better quarterback but Ray Rice might lose some touches which won't help the Ravens at all. Their defense needs help and I don't think this change will help them too much but it had to happen. Cam Cameron is too controlling and predictable which makes for a inconsistent offense. Joe Flacco must be happy but I think they'll end up 11-5 and lose in the divisional round of the playoffs. They cannot keep up with teams like the Patriots or the Texans. They need more drastic changes to go to New Orleans this season.

  • No, the Ravens should not have fired Cam.

    It is always foolish to fire a coordinator mid-season. Unless your team has no hopes for the playoffs and you are clearly in a rebuilding year, it just doesn't make sense. Flacco has only had one coordinator in his NFL career, you are 9-4, and you decide to mix thing up? I have a feeling the someone else will get fired at the end of all of this.

  • Not at the time they did.

    I hate to admit it, but I think that there are more important things than a football team firing a person. Anyway, it was an expected change that was no surprise to the football world, even though I think it was strange of them to do it at the time of the season that they did.

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