Should the recent allegations against the New York Federal Reserve be looked into more closely?

  • All allegations of corruption amongst government shoud be investigated

    Any serious allegations against a federal organisation, particularly the Federal Reserve, should be throroughly investigated. The Federal Reserve have behaved in very suspicious ways in recent times, not allowing other countries to withdraw or even view the own gold reserves held there. A thorough audit is required, and any allegations to be investigated and reported upon.

  • Yes, the allegations against the New York fed should be looked into.

    The allegations against the New York Federal Reserve should be investigated. A former employee claims she was fired for taking a tough stance on banks. Following the financial disaster of 2008, when the unethical and financially foolish behavior of banks came to light, common sense dictated more stringent regulations. As the dust settled, banks made sure their cronies in Washington continued to hire insiders, ensuring these terrible practices would continue.

  • Yes. I think the allegations should be looked into more closely.

    Anytime something like this is brought up, I believe a thorough investigation should be done by parties not directly affected by the outcome. If it is done, questions later on down the road can be put to rest and there are no conspiracy theories going around. Do the job right the first time.

  • The New York Federal Reserve: A Full Investigation Needed

    The recent allegations surrounding the New York Federal Reserve and their apparent deferential treatment towards some major banks is very concerning.

    It is only reasonable that the allegations are investigated by an independent body.

    The public already has little faith in banks, but now their faith in the New York Federal Reserve must also be waning.

    Hopefully a full investigation can either lay the allegations to rest - or expose the those accountable for this worrying issue.

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