• The Reds make the right choice

    The Reds made the right decision to trade Jay Bruce to the New York Mets. The deal brings fresh talent, including the widely heralded prospect Dilson Herrera. The Reds are not going to make the playoffs this season, so it makes sense to trade a veteran for a prospect that can help in the future.

  • Yes, the Reds should have traded Jay Bruce if they felt that it was best for the team

    Yes, the Reds should have traded Jay Bruce if they felt that it was best for the team. The team should not have wanted to lose Jay Bruce due to the fact that he is a three time All Star, however, they have made room to bring in a player that will help their team be stronger.

  • Yes, Jay Bruce was an expensive player.

    While it was a difficult decision for the Reds to trade Jay Bruce, in the long run this is the best decision for the team. Jay Bruce currently leads the team, and the National League, in RBIs, but the trade was not ultimately about the quality of Bruce's play. The Reds are trying to rebuild their team for more long-run success, and Jay Bruce's $13M salary next year would have been a huge expense for the team. The Reds are saving money and trying to rebuild with younger players with lower salary requirements, so trading Jay Bruce was a wise choice.

  • No, the Reds should not have trader Jay Bruce

    The Cincinnati Reds should be have traded Jay Bruce but the trade offered two younger players to the team. It will take a while to see if the younger team members prove their worth. The loss of Jay Bruce may hurt the team for now and he is only age 29 so he has many more years of baseball ahead of him.

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