• Washington needs to change their name.

    Washington should change their name. The term "redskin" was used as an offensive term towards Native Americans. It was used to disrespect and belittle Native Americans. Having this term being used today only brings back the oppression towards the Native American community which has already been given very little respect.

  • Move Into the 21st Century!

    This term was used to describe what the English thought of as brutes or savages. This same message is being passed on to the Native Americans and their youth. If a young Native American boy grows up seeing his people being portrayed as brutes or as savages, he would feel like he doesn't have an identity. Studies show that the rate of suicide is highest among the Native American youth. It is clearly harmful. Let's move forward as a society.

  • Redskins should change their name.

    The Washington Redskins should change their name. They could very well keep all of the logos & what not, but they should simply change their name. If a professional sports team was to name themselves the "Oakland Blackskins", they would be undoubtedly banned from the league. The same principle should apply the Washington Redskins; that can be taken pretty offensively.

  • Leave it alone

    Why after so many years of this team having this name have they begun to make a big deal out of this? Leave the name alone. If this name is thought to be offensive to a certain race or ethnicity, you should ask those people if it does offend them. One of my close friends is of Native American decent and he takes pride in this name.

  • The Redskins should not change their name.

    There is nothing wrong with the name of the team, "The Red Skins." The people who have a problem with the name are being overly sensitive. It's just the name of a team, and it's not meant to be offensive. It would be ridiculous to change the name now because it's already been established for a long time.

  • No do not

    Please do not make the Washington redskins change their name. They have had that name for 81 years. They are not making other native American tribes change their name. Why are they making the Washington redskins change their name? Makes no sense at all. Please vote for them not to change their name.

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