• Replaced Disney Worked Should Speak to Congress

    The replaced Disney worker go before Congress to speak regarding the loss of American jobs to foreign workers. United States citizens should have first priority to jobs in their home country. If and only if there are excess jobs that American workers are unable or unwilling to fill, foreign applications should be considered.

  • Yes they should

    Although employment is generally "at will" which means at the will of the employer, it's worth exploring if Disney has a pattern of replacing workers with imported skilled but "cheaper" labor. While it makes sense to offer visas to skilled foreign workers, it's unfair to make current employees train their replacements when they're being replaced not for cause, but simply because they're more expensive employees.

  • They deserve to be heard.

    There are certain employment laws that every company must abide by. If Disney broke those laws then they should be held responsible. The employees that filed suit have a legitimate concern about why and how they were laid off. Big companies are constantly trying to save a buck at the expense of customers and employees. If there was a law broken then the company should be held accountable. If they need to go before Congress to be heard, then they should.

  • Aren't there some actual issues?

    Not to belittle the loss of a job, but Congress does so very little, wouldn't it be a better use of our tax dollars if they attended to the business of the nation? An employer treating employees poorly is not news, or hearing worthy; it is just the way the world works in America. If they want to hold hearings on corporate governance and wage disparity, fantastic. Over a fired Disney worker? Not a good use of tax dollars.

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