Should the Republican party care more about human rights?

  • Yes they won't win until they do

    Sure they won the Congress this time around because of the gerrymandering they were able to pull off a few years back.

    But until they address issues such as human rights the Republican party won't be able to win in most states let alone a national race like the one for the Presidency.

    It's time to Republicans to take a long look in the mirror and start to care about the people not their own best interests.

  • The Republican party should really try to care more about a lot of things.

    Of course they should, I think everyone should care more about human rights really. They are probably the most important rights granted to anyone. What made America such a great place to live in in the first place was the rights that the American citizen had far exceeded the rights people had in other countries. Human rights are very important, everyone should care about them more.

  • Yes - Much More

    Yes, the Republican Party should care more about human rights. Lines between the parties are becoming very blurred among voters. People are not nearly as party loyal as they used to be years ago. The Republican Party now has the reputation of caring only about big business and the wealthy. That was pretty evident in this last election. As those of us in the middle class watched the Republican Party move along without giving us a second thought, we realized how out of touch they really were. If the Republican Party as a whole does not start realizing and caring that people are suffering in this country, they will become extinct – all because of their greed and arrogance.

  • The Libertarian View

    Republicans are the party of small government, which is appealing to a libertarian. But they lack the humanity part of the equation. Republicans need to be more about personal rights if they want more and new voters. They need to understand that if I am not effecting others I need to be allowed to do what I want. As far as human rights in other countries, I don't believe the United States should be the world police, and needs to stay out of most countries.

  • You guys are batshit insane

    Going by the Constitution, our government has no right to interfere in society to fix problems like poverty, single motherhood, etc. That is an intrusion of Big Daddy control freaks into YOUR wallets and YOUR personal life. Trying futilely to fix "human issues" by spraying money in their general direction is what has bloated up our debt to over $16,000,000,000. If anything, we need to cut down the role of our gov't to the fundamental necessities: national security, police forces, and major infrastructure. That's it!

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