• Yes, the republican party should embrace Pat Buchanan's ideology.

    I think that the republican party should embrace Pat Buchanan's bran of conservatism. A lot of his beliefs and ideals are something people in the republican party can agree with. I think that while people should embrace Buchanan's beliefs, I do not think it should be the only type they should follow.

  • It hasn't worked for them so far.

    Oh, you mean the angry old white man brand of conservatism? I don't know what Republican party you've been following, but that's been their specialty for at least the past 30 years. The past six or so years, they've added a dollop of crazy on top of that with the Tea Party zealots. I think the GOP might want to moderate itself instead of doubling down on the stupid.

  • Pat Buchanan is too extreme for function.

    Pat Buchanan is a right wing pundit. His views are rigid and uncompromising. There is a purpose for people like him. We need extremists who are able to intelligently articulate their reasoning. While their reasoning may not always be logical, they are necessary to fully understand the conversation. Pat Buchanan serves this purpose. If the Republicans were to fully adopt Pat Buchanan's brand of conservatism, the country would come to a grinding halt and may very well erupt in civil war.

  • No, I think hes wrong

    I think traditionalists are all wrong, the times have changed and we need to change with them. If we don't roll with the punches and fix the issues, the past isn't going to solve the problems. I am all for big business,but we have to bring it back in order for it to work.

  • Buchanan doesn't focus on economics

    Instead of supporting Pat Buchanan's brand of conservatism, the Republican Party should embrace a focused approach on reviving America's economics over all social issues. Issues such as abortion and gay marriage are too polarizing and distracting to gain middle-of-the-road voters who fear being grouped with a Republican Party too focused on issues of private life. A no-nonsense focus on economics will yield the greatest benefit for the country and provide traction for later debate on social issues, but the stark economic realities make debates on Buchannan's alienating social issue views a luxury the Republican Party cannot afford currently.

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