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  • No, Republicans Should Not Support An Increase In The Cost of Gasoline

    No, Republicans shouldn't support an increase in the cost of gasoline. Times are tough for a lot of Americans, and this current climate of low gasoline cost is extremely beneficial to the average American. Republicans need to change their current image of only looking out for the interests of their wealthy donors (ie major oil corporations), and start looking out for the common American.

  • No Recreation Left

    The high price of gasoline has already set many Americans behind on vacations and traveling to and from work. The poor already have it hard enough and with increasing the cost of gasoline will prevent many people from spending money on gifts, recreation and dining out. This should not happen.

  • Should Republicans support increase in cost of gasoline.

    I do not think that Republicans should support an increase in the cost of gasoline. I do not think they should because even though the economy is getting better we are still a long ways from where the economy should be. I think that gasoline should continue to go down in cost, because that will ultimately help the customers in a better way.

  • Tax The Rich

    Just because the gas price is down right now it does not mean it will stay that way. Our economy is connected to the gas price and we are getting an economic boost care of OPEC. This is not the perfect time to add more taxes to gasoline because when the price goes back up to normal it will hurt the economy even more.

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wildmanz says2015-01-07T03:45:13.837
Shoudnt but they will