Should the rest of the U.S. follow Colorado and Washington in legalizing recreational marijuana use?

  • So many reasons

    1. We're supposed to be the UNITED states of America. It makes no sense that in Colorado you can walk down the street and buy it from a store by New York you're fined and possibly put in jail.
    2. Cigarettes and alcohol are just as harmful if not worse. Anything if abused can be harmful for that matter.
    3. The amount of money the state can make from taxes and the amount of jobs it will create would be so beneficial.
    I live in upstate New York but sometimes with the laws, high taxes and highway tolls in this state it feels so separate and overly strict in comparison with the rest of the country

  • Legalize it, don't criticize it!

    Marijuana is less harmful than alcohol and tobacco combined and kills 0 people in comparison to the +80,000 deaths from alcohol and the 5,000,000 from Tobacco-related illness. But that aside, we need to deal with the huge gang problem it creates especially from the Cartels to our south. Let people be free!

  • Should have done it years ago.

    Alcohol & Nicotine are more dangerous drugs. People are going to use drugs illegal or not. But legalizing would take the 'naughty factor' away, which would stop impressionable teenagers 'cool factor'.

    Wipe out all weed dealers maybe all our debts in USA & UK too, then we can afford first grade free-to-all healthcare investment in our countries.

  • Legalize the herb

    Really, if your American and human you will see the ban on cannabis was done because it is a very powerful plant. Humans will see their life differently and not support the stupid and stupider laws these geriatric, dollar-bill addicts create. If your a human being let anyone live the life they want. All these laws are trying to daycare adults, it don't work. Cannabis is a natural plant,it is here for a reason. Just like snow, rain, volcanoes, sun, etc.... What next, these special, semi-retarded politicians are going to outlaw ice cream milkshakes next and create the sidewalk walking tax in a state near you. Yes, it will work for the dumb and dumber people living off food stamps, section 8 housing, 8 kids with 8 different guys, etc..These people are everywhere....

  • We dont need spellcheck

    Ever notice the people for marijuana legalization , usually spell better than the people against it. I think the old timers that watched reefer madness should try a toke and put down the jack daniels for a while. Who knows you may feel better and not suffer from liver disease when you get a bit older.

  • Alcohol is not my thing.

    For years alcohol has killed many due to addiction, drunk driving, even overdoses. If this country still relies on old racist claims that marijuana makes blacks think they are as good as whites, and makes white women seek relations with negros and entertainers, the country should get a f-ing clue. Reefer madness was a long time ago. If i want to catch a buzz after a hard days work and not worry about getting a hangover or suffer from alcoholism, i should be able to do so. Since ansliger, global warming has gotten alot of attention, and i belive he had alot to do with our current situation. All because of hemp taking away some of his money.

  • The rest of the U.S. should follow Colorado and Washington in legalizing recreational marijuana use.

    The rest of the U.S. should follow Colorado and Washington in legalizing recreational marijuana use. It would only be fair to rest of us if they expand what they have already done in the other two states. I think America is reasonable enough to handle the legalization of marijuana to every state.

  • Common Sense. Ignorant defense.

    Financial benefits, health benefits, and social benefits are only the beginning. An entirely new industry can be created, and if done correctly can have a positive outlook on our dwindling society as a whole. The number of senseless criminal offenses can be removed and the black market can be shut down with regulation of fine dispensaries, like those already in place in Colorado, Washington and other states.
    The potential is here, and it should be released to the rest of the States.
    I think it's a shame to watch those around me drown themselves in tobacco and alcohol abuse, yet the stigma is on those who enlighten and relieve themselves with marijuana.
    I'm hoping in my lifetime, an awareness can be reached by our people and, a country will thrive again.

  • Money, Prohibition, and Truth

    Basically it come down to the facts. First, as someone stated above, it being prohibited costs the states money in numerous ways: lost revenue on taxes and unnecessary incarceration of individuals or "users" that can contribute to the workforce reproducing more commerce in our economy. The paper, cloth, and medicinal industries are scared because this could be the beginning of and industry that melds all three. The war on drugs was the most propaganda filled epic failure EVER (exaggerated a little, less than you would think though). And it was really a war on marijuana that unnecessarily costed billions of dollars to fail. And if its so terrible, then how did the greatest piece of paper ever to be written for our country BECOME the greatest piece or paper ever written for our country? It was written by stoners. And alcohol makes an individual far more unpredictable and violent. And as for the stupidity in the first comment in the "No" column, cigarettes are legal. Hello?! That is all.

  • Observe liberty, end the suffering.

    Liberty is what this country was built upon. If law abiding citizens can't have the luxury of consuming as substance that does no harm to anyone then the term 'land of the free' should be thrown out the window. Prohibition never works because the simple decision to smoke weed doesn't rest on written laws, but it's a personal decision based on the knowledge one has on the matter. Therefore individuals who have decided to smoke will do so whether it's legal or illegal. This creates demand, and in the capitalist society we live in where there is demand there shall always be supply (whether from the legal market or the black market). What prohibition ends up doing is shifting American dollars from the legal market to the black market thus benefiting drug cartels, most of which operate outside our borders. This leaves us with two scenarios, either we continue prohibiting the weed, which results in millions of dollars wasted incarcerating harmless citizens who would otherwise add to the workforce, or we can rise out of this age of inefficiency and put the state in control of the marijuana market. But note, in both scenarios, PEOPLE STILL SMOKE!

  • No,marijuana should be ilelgal

    I agree that narijuana should use in medicine, spin, and other ways, but I disagree marijuana can be legalizing recreational. Marijuana is narcotic, even marijuana can good for human if it use in good way, but if you just want to take it for recreational way, its not work. Marijuana will make you have hallucination, alienation,and double personality. Its bad to human's health, when a whole country people take marijuana, the soldiers will be weak. So, marijuana can use in medicine, spin or something else, but not for people just take it.

    Posted by: bhs
  • No

    No marijuana should not be legalized for recreational use. There are not enough studies in order to prove that it is not harmful. You are still inhaling something which is dangerous. If we legalize it then we are saying it is okay to do. That is sending the wrong message to the children of America. If it does get legalized everywhere, then there is no guarantee that the government will get the money, the drug dealers will just be able to sell more and get more profit, not the government.

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