Should the rest of the U.S. follow Maine and Maryland in legalizing gay marriage?

  • I think that it’s about time that the rest of the U.S. follows Maine and Maryland in legalizing gay marriage.

    I think that it’s about time that the rest of the U.S. follows
    Maine and Maryland in legalizing gay marriage.
    It’s 2014. We can’t go on doing
    things the way that they have been in the past.
    America was founded with racist, sexist, and homophobic principles. Now it’s time to make the changes that are

  • Yes, gay marriage should be legal.

    Every state should be legalizing gay marriage because it is the right thing to do and also because it is so widely accepted in the culture today. If two people want to make a more secure and legal union, no matter what their orientation, then that will only contribute to stability.

  • It is The Right Thing To Do

    Do we really want to live in a country where some people are granted more rights than others? Unless, you are a convicted criminal and on probation. We all should have the same rights. Especially, if these people are productive members of society. It just does not make sense to repress people because it always comes back to bite you in the butt.

  • The rest of the U.S. should follow Maine and Maryland in legalizing gay marriage.

    It is time for all of the United States to legalize gay marriage because it is an important civil right. People should stop discriminating against gays just because of their sexual orientation. The tide has turned and soon most states are going to follow the example of Maine and Maryland.

  • Yes, all people should have the right to marry who they choose.

    I believe that being "married" to someone is simply a commitment that two people make to each other, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. The government exists to enforce contracts, and thus they should be enforcing the contracts of all people who choose to call themselves married. The government has no right to say that people cannot enter into that contract just because it's called marriage.

  • Equal Rights Means Equal Rights

    America was founded on the principles of equal rights for all. That means gay couples have the right to get married too. Plus, an entire economic stimulus will happen with gay honeymoons, gay weddings and increased marriage license fees. Gay couples have a right to be just as happy as heterosexual couples. Maine and Maryland are shining examples of the changing culture in America.

  • Yes, we should reject discrimination in all 50 states

    I feel that the rest of the states should follow the lead of Maine and Maryland in legalizing gay marriage because by doing so, we would be shooting down another form of discrimination in this country. In the year 2012, we should have the decency to allow the same rights for all United States citizens without discriminating against particular groups.

  • No, this leads to things getting out of hand

    If Gay marriage is legalized, it will lead to changing of the definition of marriage changing. This will allow pedophilia marrying, destroy the institution of marriage, it is not going to work out. If anyone is allowed to marry, then how can we make sure it is not out of hand? If restrictions is the answer, then the same can be said for gay marriage. It is not called marriage, it IS marriage. Point is, what is good for the economy is not good for us. Weed is an example.

  • No, there is already choice.

    No, the rest of the US should not follow Maine and Maryland in legalizing gay marriage, because there are already states where homosexual couples can get married if they want to. Traditional marriage is between a man and a woman, and that builds the strongest families. There is no reason to extend this to homosexuals. They can go to Maine or Maryland if they want to be married.

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