Should the results from experiments conducted by people like Mengele in the holocaust be used today?

Asked by: kgrossman
  • I believe that to discard this information would be to let the victims sufferings and deaths be in vain

    I understand the ethical and moral implications for the argument against using the information however to throw away credible information that could benefit the human condition would be the same as throwing away a perfectly good heart for a transplant just because the last owner died. It would mean more suffering, time and resources spent on an experiment that we would already know the answer to.

  • Ethics is important in the conduction of research...

    ...Not in the dissemination of resulting information. Of course we should have strong ethical guidelines to prevent abuses of power like happened during the holocaust, and such research methods should not continue to be used. However, those things did happen, and confining ourselves to ignorance out of a misguided attempt at ethics is the opposite of ethical. Now that the information exists, it would be unethical not to use it, because to do so is to ignore the lessons both of the science and of the history.

    If someone is tortured or killed in the name of research, this is inexcusable. However, if later generations decline to even use that research, then they were tortured or killed for nothing, and that seems almost as great a tragedy.

  • The way in which you obtain information is irrelevant!

    Ethical or unethical, those experiments provided us with information, and so since we have no way of changing history, we might as well make use of it.
    Not using information because it was not obtained ethically is means those lives were wasted for nothing. Using this information simply is "making the best of a bad situation"

  • Whats done is done, we can't change what happened

    What happened was terrible, and no one can deny that without being crazy. However, we cannot change what has already happened, in was way looking at what happened in these experiments almost pays tribute to the people who suffered by letting us see these terrible things that they went through.

  • Science is Blind to Ethics

    Science is constant – no matter how inhumane a study is, the knowledge we receive from it will always be beneficial in one way or another. We should take full advantage of the experiments that were performed in the Holocaust to further our understanding. We have learned a tremendous amount about sensitive and critical periods during development from the feral child Genie. Not using Mengele's information would be a step backwards in science.

    Posted by: n-o
  • These 'experiments' were atrocities, by using their results we would almost be condoning them.

    1. The results aren't obtained unethically, some of the gruesome experiments even aimed to further Nazi racial goals by finding cheap and effective ways to 'sterilize' racial groups such as Roma gypsies and Jews to increase 'genetic purity'. This was done using chemicals which were injected into the wombs of prisoners inducing horrible pain, inflamed ovaries, bursting spasms in the stomach, and bleeding. Mengele usually murdered the subjects of his experiments on twins, who were sometimes as young as five. The experiments happened without their victims consent and were conducted with a total disregard for the patients suffering, or even their survival.

    2. The results obtained were unreliable due to the state of their victims and came from bad science.

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