Should the Rev. Jesse Jackson run one final time in 2016 for the office of President?

  • If he is to run he must change his platform

    Jesse Jackson seems to be running for African American rights, and to see a black man in the office of the President. The obvious truth, is, that that milestone was already taken by Barack Obama. But in true form, if Jesse Jackson is a good choice to lead the country, i.e. has more backbone than Barack, he should run.

  • He's irrelevant and cares only about making the news

    I know this question is way past its target date but Jackson has spent more times in recent years hitching his wagon to bad causes. Doing so without first making sure there were legitimate and completely true issues. Many in the African American community view Jackson like they do Al Sharpton. That these 2 spend more time doing more harm than good to the way African Americans are viewed. They see them as individuals who can't survive unless they get their names out there and attached to a cause that nobody invited them to be part of.

  • Would Be Pointless

    I do not believe Rev. Jesse Jackson should run one final time in 2016 for the office of President. For many Americans Jesse Jackson is almost seen as an extremist for some of his viewpoints and he is out of touch with the average citizen. He won't win if he runs, so I don't see any reason for him to run at all.

  • Not a good president

    This man is very influential to the American people, but does not have a big political background and would not make a very good president for this country, and the citizens here know that. So no he should not run again, because he will just be wasting his time and money.

  • No, he shouldn't.

    I respect Rev. Jesse Jackson and the things that he has done over the years for civil rights but I think that Hilary Clinton will be the likely candidate for the Democrats and that he would probably not be able to beat her in the primaries. She is polling pretty well right now and she is most likely to win the general election.

  • The Rev. Jesse Jackson has run out of momentum.

    The work that Rev. Jesse Jackson has done for the ACLU and his various other organizations has been invaluable. However, his shot at the Presidency was lost about five terms ago. He is still a very influential leader on the political stage. It will just be a while before the next African American president is allowed in. The criticisms of Obama are too great as the first one. The nation needs to digest how much good and bad was actually done and if that is or is not race related.

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