• Rich Should Be Allowed to Use Crowdfunding

    Yes, the rich should be allowed to use crowdfunding, though many may find this tasteless. The ability to generate revenue for a produce can be considered a form of free speech, and free speech should be protected in all forms, even if that form is tasteless. Thus, the rich should be allowed to use crowdfunding.

  • Of course they should!

    And why not? Just because they're rich doesn't mean that they can get a green light on or fully fund their dream projects. More often than not, crowd funding is simply used as a means to show that there is interest in a project before investors will agree to back the project. Sometimes these projects can cost up into the hundreds of millions to complete, more than even most rich people can afford on their own.

  • No, They don't need it.

    Crowdfunding by it's very nature was to help people with big dreams but low income. Rich people have unlimited access to credit, loans, corporate backers and sponsorships, etc Just another way for the rich to exploit the poor. Notice how these rich celebrities with podcasts ask for funding to keep their shows going? THEY DON'T NEED IT!! You can beat FM quality for less than $600 and hosting cost is extremely cheap. I support over 10,000 listeners live streaming for $7 dumb fans give them money without know the facts and the celebrities are just exploiting them.

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