Should the rich be required to pay higher taxes in the US?

  • Yes

    I think the rich should ABSOLUTELY pay more because the majority of them are selfish and don't care about anybody but themselves! Trust me, if you are a millionaire, it is NOT going to hurt you if you just pay a little more in taxes. I believe that if you are a good and righteous person, you would want to help the poor or people that are less fortunate. It's as simple as that! People need to stop being so selfish.

  • The rich have been more fortunate

    While a lot of rich people will argue they earned and worked hard for their money, let's realize that they were also more fortunate. Most of them were born with high IQ scores, something nothing but genes and chance can determine. I am in the top 2% and am fine with being taxed more. I have worked very hard, but I've also been blessed with a high intelligence quotient and a good family that has given me opportunities a lot of the poor simply do not have. I worked hard, but was also extremely lucky.

  • You didnt get there on your own.

    If your wealthy you either from a wealthy family or you made it there yourself. If came from wealth, your family didn't get there on there own. If you made it on your own, you didn't do it without help. At some point along the line you had a grant or scholarship to enable to have the education it took succeed, and you got deductions for the costs of your education as well. You didn't build the police department or the fire department that protects your businesses. You didn't the infastrcuture of roads, interstates, bridges, seaports, and airports that allow goods to travel to your bussiness. You didn't create all the organizations neccary to run that infastructure , as well keep it safe from terrorism. You didn't build the US mail or parrcell system, that you use to drive us nuts with ads and junk mail to advertise your business. These things were built by EVERYONE rich and poor. Yet you would have us belive that because you worked hard for your succes that you don't owe anyone anything because you did it all by yourself. Well I've got news for you YOU DIDN'T GET THERE ON YOU OWN, were all in this together.

  • Surplus needs to work for the overall health of the economy

    Bill Gates has around $50 billion dollars. Even if (and this is extremely radical) he payed 1 billion dollars per year in taxes, he would be dead before he runs down to his last billion dollars! And if you ask me, 1 billion is plenty to live extremely comfortably.

    See my point?

    Millionaires have enough money to pay off their expenses, and then have insane surpluses for their own comforts. Why do they deserve those comforts while people are starving to death and living in the cold winter streets? Don't you dare tell me it's because they 'worked for it'. These poor people are most usually poor because they were born into it or the s*** hit the fan.

    We need to get everybody on the same page. Get everyone to be productive members of society and workers. Everyone sleeps in a warm bed and on a full stomach. Everyone gets to go to college, go to work...

    Instead, America thinks the poor should stay poor and the rich should stay rich.

  • Help others.

    You should really help others because it is not nice to be stingy. I mean if you really want to think you're doing something nice, donate money to a charity and help the homeless because you're in a warm house. Others are stranded out in the cold with no clothes food or money and they have to beg, so if I may ask please donate some of your hard-earned money.

  • Are you kidding?

    I paid a higher rate than Mitt Romney. Why should the working poor pay a higher rate? Because I don't qualify for loopholes? The county is broke people! Why should those with the least have to tighten their belts while those who can afford to pony up just keep getting fatter?

  • I'm middle class so they should have higher taxes than us.

    I'm middle class so they should have higher taxes than us. Because we have to do all the work, that's why we should have less taxes. We help the economy with work in factories and are willing to work for our country. So that's why they should have higher taxes.

  • Reduce income inequality.

    The top tier can't balance the budget alone, but they should help pay their fair share as a matter of patriotism. We can't continue to have a democratic system if we become a Banana Republic. History shows that when the top tier paid a higher percentage of taxes, from 1945-1970, the middle class was better off and the US economy thrived. We need to return to the tax rates of the post-WW2 boom years.

  • Yes, because they can afford to.

    If the poor and rich pay same, then it's like there is no difference between them. But in the real world, we separate them. So, in the same way, for taxes, the rich should pay more. This could be a great contribution to the country, and its not much for the rich, it's just a little more than they usually pay.

  • The rich should pay higher taxes because: Tax = National economic investment

    Fallacies in the No the rich should not pay higher taxes category:

    1. Working hard = Riches. This is not true, the poor are mostly the working poor, who work several jobs, much harder than the rich people. Research it - "working poor"

    2. More personal income = More personal benefit. This is false unless you think that a wide screen LCD is the be and end all of your life, personal income cannot really buy anything except widgets and toys. The more important things in life, i.e. safety, job security, affordable accommodations, food quality, pollution free energy, telecommunications, family, health, infrastructure (trains, buses etc.), are best regulated and controlled by a centralized government. Good luck trying to buy your own plane and train with less taxes.

    3. Profit orientation = Social good. This is false; the design of profit-oriented corporations will inevitably place profit as priority and above environmental protection, equitable pay, national interests, ethical business practices, and sometimes legal restraints. It doesn't matter how ethical or good-willed the employees are, if the corporation is designed that way to achieve 20% profit growth every year, it inevitably happens.

    4. Money for Taxes = Disappears in a black hole. This is false, taxes are spent on an agenda, and are an investment in society. Such an investment would be early childhood development, a better train infrastructure, improvements in minority education, etc etc. Almost all of the complaints made the RH column; complaints about "lazy" people, corporations moving overseas, business inhibition. All of these things may be assisted with government spending on systems and policies. To assist with this, mandate re-education and training for lazy people, government assistance for locally based entrepreneurship, and departments to streamline business regulation. If you paid less taxes, are you going to personally donate your money to assist business in doing something specific, or re-educate a "lazy" person?
    Rich people are inherently too busy to organize this; Warren Buffet can't be bothered to split his wealth into a million different philanthropic funds, he just willed it to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ends up looking more and more like a governmental style global and social welfare enterprise, i.e. like a government.

    Tax = National economic investment
    A country is like a giant company; it's employees are it's citizens, it's profits are it's GDP.
    Paying tax is investing in your country.
    Never mind if the politicians are corrupt or not, that is another story. Regardless of if the politicians are corrupt, withholding taxes from your country only makes the situation worse.

  • No way Jose

    People who are rich most likely did something to accomplish it. Whether it is sports, business, or music. They made the moves to get there. They worked their way through the hard times, and now it is paying off for them. We all have that same shot to accomplish those things, so why punish them for it?

  • If by higher taxes you mean higher taxes than they already do, than NO

    Be it as it may that the 1% own 80% of the wealthy, they pay 90% of all the federal income taxes in our country, Obama all the time says that everyone should pay their fair share, tell that to the 47% mr. president, why should the rich have to pay more so that the lazy can earn more for doing nothing

  • Unfair to punish people cos of their hard work

    We dont want to be punished for making money and pulling the economy further up . Nor do we want to encourage lazy people to further laze around , cos there are hardworking people out there making money and paying some of your share of taxes . Ridiculously ridiculous logic. It is so absurd to even argue on this topic. Doing this , you are further discouraging people who want to start new ventures , creating new jobs for the country , amplifying the recession we are in. Now that Obama is re-elected , the country's economic growth is very likely to slowdown further. We dont want to be the second greece . Because Mr president has run out on options to make up for the 6 trillion deficit he accumulated in last 4 years(almost half of US debt) , does not mean he take such illogical measures to control the hampered economy.
    I come from a middle class and I find it so damn irrational to expect the person who worked hard for his money , to pay for my taxes. It is like saying - "hey dude, Am too lazy to work , so now that y work so hard , do my bit of the share too".
    If Obama really wants to work on his piled up debt , he rather work on cutting expenses ( 6 trillion debt ? ) , increase jobs ( and increase taxes obviously does the exact opposite - kills off jobs) , increase revenue ( by increasing the jobs and not taxes) .
    Romney made so much more sense when it came to understanding the economy and kick-starting it again and given his strong successful bussiness background , he would have definately done a better job than Mr Obama. Increasing taxes , will definately drive away all the wealthy investors away from US to elsewhere and god-forbid , push US economy further into irrecoverable recession.

  • NO!

    Absolutely not! Most of the wealthy people have worked their way up and worked their entire lives to get where they are, and if they are just being taxed because they have become successful, well that is just WRONG! My dad is a small business owner and he has worked since he was 15 yeards old to get where he is today. We are not rich, but we are not poor. We have to pay a lot of taxes, even though my dad has been working and pushing himself to have a nice family, house, and work place. If the rich is taxed more, then that is just saying that it doesn't pay to be successful!

  • Why are taxes income-based at all?

    The purpose of taxes is to pay for government. Taxes should be based on how much government you are using rather than on how much money you earn. For example, I have no kids, no house, and no need for much of anything. I live a fairly minimalist lifestyle. Yet, I'm forced to pay for public education, public health care, public parks and artworks, social programs, police that enforce rules that I don't agree with, political campaigns for parties that I wish would fall off the face of the Earth forever, etc. How about this - total up what I really use, such as defense and roads and the court system, and then send me the bill. Total up what people who have kids are using, such as all the free education and health benefits, and then send them their bill too. In a system like that where the people receiving the benefits are directly coupled to the costs of those benefits, it would self-stabilize. Everyone would get exactly what they're willing to pay for, no more, no less. That's a fair system. The US government shouldn't even have the right to invade our privacy to find out what our income is or what our net worth is. All they need to know is what services we've used and how much. For example, when I go to the grocery store and buy milk, they don't ask me how much I make and then charge me more for the milk because of it. That's madness. Why do people think they have a right to know what someone else makes and then the further right to charge them more for the same thing? Why should one citizen pay more to live in this country than another citizen? I'm for a flat tax, and I don't mean a flat percentage of income or any other kind of flat "rate"; I mean a FLAT tax, say $1,000/month per adult citizen. That should be more than enough rent to pay the landlord in order to live in this country. Whatever the US Govt can't accomplish with that much money, they probably shouldn't be doing anyway.

  • NO!

    Absolutely not! Most of the wealthy people have worked their way up and worked their entire lives to get where they are, and if they are just being taxed because they have become successful, well that is just WRONG! My dad is a small business owner and he has worked since he was 15 yeards old to get where he is today. We are not rich, but we are not poor. We have to pay a lot of taxes, even though my dad has been working and pushing himself to have a nice family, house, and work place. If the rich is taxed more, then that is just saying that it doesn't pay to be successful!

  • No. Because they have worked for their wealth and deserve to recieve the rewards.

    No. Because they have worked for their wealth and deserve to recieve the rewards. They should not be ounished for making their way through this life and doing well. They've earned their wealth, and it's not fair for us to make them pay more taxes just because they've done better in life than others. If we did that in school nobody would ever have the drive to suceed. Say that i recieved a D but my friend got an A Well she is "richer" than i am so how about we just take half of her grade and give it to me, so now i have a C and she has a C and she just lost half of her scholarship oppurtunities.

  • Obama lies and misleads with desire win voters of the envious!

    After 40 years as a small business person I become successful only to pay about 60% of my top income in the punitive CA and Federal taxes on the Obama/Brown plan. I have no pension or 401k-I need my profit for retirement! I spend my money more efficiently in my community than Obama/Brown can filter it through numerous agencies and red tape! Learn to be efficient before wasting more on repetitive services and failed policy. Allow entrepreneurs to CREATE demand by innovative products which the consumer will buy. Middle incomes DO NOT pay more INCOME TAX than upper incomes and tax code is more punitive as income rises already!

  • The rich already pay too much and it is unfair.

    In My opinion it is completely unfair to make the rich pay more. The tax rate should not be based off of income it should be completely equal. Everyone was born the same way & everyone should be taxed the same amount. Rich people might have worked hard to become rich & the government shouldn't take there money. All the money that the rich make & give to taxes goes to welfare & welfare have people that don't try to get a job or don't even work hard, so the rich are wasting money on those kinds of people, which is completely unfair. Rich should be treated with same amount of respect & equality. Which by the way we have a 16-trillion deficit but it is not because we're taxing too little, it is because we're spending to much on economic growth, which is another issue that the United States has. Rich people became rich for either the actions they chose, or their luck for winning the lottery & shouldn't have to get that taken away from by the government. So therefore in conclusion WE already have the highest tax rate in the world & shouldn't have to increase that, & rich should be able to keep their money because of how they got all that money, they help us enough & shouldn't need to help anymore than they already are.

  • Rich More Tax?

    It's seems so easy to say that we should tax richer people. On the outside they have more disposable income than the so-called poor and they may appear equipped to handle the higher tax. But this is not the case. Many people are wealthy because they do not spend their money helter skelter, they work hard to save, invest, and increase their wealth. Taxing them more, is like punishing them for doing whats best for them and their families. Many people who build wealth will go on to become philanthropist of their own free ,often helping their own family and others who may want to get ahead in life. In essence, don't they already pay more taxes than those who don't make that much? Aren't they more equipped to be innovators, work hard to provide the best services to the country. We should encouraging wealth builders, not demonizing them for being successful. What does this say to people who may not be as wealthy or those who are in the process of building wealth?

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