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Absolutely, as they have been given more.

  You are referring to the idea of a progressive income tax, meaning tax rates increase as a person's income increases. This is the tax system utilized by almost all developed countries, and for good reason. The moral justification of the rich being obligated to give back more to society lies in the fact that generally, the rich have taken more from society. While individual effort is no doubt a significant aspect of a person's ability to amass wealth, there are background factors which play a much larger role. Economic exchange, the route to wealth, is only possible due to a strong community and economy. In a ravaged, third world country, a man could work as hard as any other, but still fail to become as prosperous because they suffer from a lack of advantages such as inadequate education, fewer economic connections, etc. Even here in America, your capability to get richer than the next guy is in part influenced by an upper hand you have been given at some point in your life, one you may not even see or understand. Therefore, we can assume that to some degree, those who achieve have benefited from these advantages that the poor have not. Thus, it makes sense that they should carry a greater responsibility to contribute to society.
Victorian says2013-07-07T00:11:19.567
I think the question was "should the rich be taxed more than they already are" not "should the rich be taxed more than the poor"
RedMoonlight says2013-07-07T16:44:26.413
In that case, I misunderstood.
LibertarianWithAVoice says2013-07-12T13:50:17.507
I just commented based on what other people did. After the first few posts it was easy to misunderstand the topic.
LibertarianWithAVoice says2013-07-12T13:50:29.783
I did the same thing. After a few posts it was easy to misunderstand the topic.
WXL says2014-05-20T12:42:22.583
"the rich have taken more from society"

How have they taken from society. They have simply traded/exchanged with society, which the poor can do to.

I agree that everyone should get an education, yet I don't see why this can't be done with a flat tax (or with child licenses, which is much more ethical as its the parent paying the cost of having a child, instead of a stranger who has nothing to do with the child).
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