Should the rich have to pay more taxes than the middle class and the poor?

Asked by: JayJayKiller99
  • It's the rich who can afford to give more in taxes, and poor people work just as hard for less reward

    The poor are squeezes enough as it is. Many poor people work 12+ overtime hours just to make ends meet and pay bills. They work just as hard as rich people yet they are the ones ending up coughing up most of their paychecks in taxes and having no money left for a decent quality of life. It simply not fair. They should pay less taxes and rich people pay more. It's not like some people actually need a row of houses to lease out, a super duper mansion with a swimming pool, and five luxury sports cars to themselves. Tax these people the most.

  • Because it's fair.

    Why do we have taxes? Because the government needs it to run and properly perform its duty to its citizens. If the government needs money who is going to pay? The poor? No! They have no more to give! Why should someone like Bill Gates, who is worth tens of BILLIONS of dollars, have to pay the same rate as someone who is just struggling to get by with enough money to live? Say Bill Gates taxes went up to an astounding 500 million dollars a year. Some people would say "He worked hard for all that money!". But the truth is, Bill Gates makes an average of 30 million dollars A NIGHT just on investments alone. 500 million dollars would be practically nothing to him. Yet it is the poor who are milked of their money when they have none.

  • Poor People Work Just As Hard

    Of the households under the poverty line 84% have someone working. The data shows that poor people are not mindless leeches. Most of the wealth today was inherited. The rich mainly make their money from capital gains or investments. It makes no sense for a poor person to pay the same rate as a rich person.

  • It's Common Sense

    If you make more money you should be expected to pay more in taxes. We don't expect babies to pay taxes, why? Because they don,t make any money. Think about it this way. If your town got trapped under a giant polyurethane dome (Steven King style), there would be a finite amount of edible resources in the town. The food wouldn't be distributed evenly and there would be have's and have not's. Just like the Countries financial structure. So when things start getting tight who are the people of the town going to turn to. Probably the people who have the most food. Why take food from those who barely have any when there are people with plenty to spare. The same goes for money. When you have it, people are going to put their hands out more than when you don't. Of course in this situation the problem isn't the population running out of food, it's our Nation's mounting debt.

  • Yes.. Well sort of.

    Yes there should (well sort of) For instance, Heads of companies (CEO's) or whatever should be able to get no more than lets say 15x the average salary of the lowest paid employee. So if you are the CEO of I don't know Walmart, then if your lowest paid employee in the books is paid 20000 a year, your maximum salary would be 300000 including bonuses and other perks. If you want a raise, do it from the bottom up. This would go for any purchases from outside also. So if corporations want to purchase clothes from taiwan, their salary would have to be in pace with the rule also. If found in contempt, the lowest penalty would be lets say 15% the salary of the CEO per attempt. If they want to do business elsewhere then they have to follow this rule. Without these rules, it is too easy to allow for companies to become corrupt. All money received should be percentage based. Also includes inheritance which should have a maximum percentage also to prevent super rich syndrome.

  • Many Rich Just Inherit

    A lot of the rich just inherit their money and don't actually do anything to earn it. I think the rich should give up a little more since they are able to. If everyone gives enough so that they are still able to live comfortably the world would be okay.

  • The rich should bear a fair share of the burden

    Rich people should have a fair share in spreading utility through society. The excuse that rich people work hard and shouldn't be obligated to give up their money is ridiculous in the light that many poor people work just as hard (or even twice as hard), and never improve their economic situation.

  • Think about it

    It just seems fair to tax wealthier people more because they eaen more money. Just like some states have more representatives because of a higher population. Put it this way: people are like the states, dollars are like the population, representatives are taxes: the more dollars, the more taxes. Besides, why tax poor people, who struggle to earn a living, the same as rich people, who pay bills and taxes with ease. As another point, it would benefit the government to recieve more money from the wealthy, which would at least help with the amount the government is spending.

  • For an equal opportunity system

    Yes, the government should state higher tax rates for higher incomes to promote an equal opportunity system for all citizens, diminishing the abyss between riches and poors, because:
    1) People does not start racing for the a position spot from the same start line. (Saying that rich work hard is not the main point here)
    2) Less unequal societies have a better life standard with lesser violence rates. (A century ago the CEO earned 10 times its base employee, today their gains can exceed 1000 times the base employee)
    3) Government must adjust free market when it leads to unreasonableness.

  • For an equal opportunity system

    Yes, the government should state higher tax rates for higher incomes to promote an equal opportunity system for all citizens, diminishing the abysm between riches and poors, because:
    1) People does not start racing for the a position spot from the same start line. (Saying that rich work hard is not the main point here)
    2) Less unequal societies have a better life standard with lesser violence rates. (A century ago the CEO earned 10 times its base employee, today their gains can exceed 1000 times the base employee)
    3) Goverment must adjust free market when it leads to unreasonableness.

  • They work hard to earn there money

    Why should we penalize the rich for working hard? What did they do to us? Most rich people don't just get there money. Most of the rich people make there money through HARD WORK. The poor have a chance to become rich to you know, if a poor person through himself into his work he could get promoted and promoted and eventually become a manger (or higher up position). Now this poor guy is rich, but wait he is getting taxed like crazy for all this hard work this guy is loosing though sands of dollars which he just got use to having. All his hard work is gone...

  • Equality under the law

    Higher taxes have proven to scare away business. Detroit is a prime example but I won't go into the math of this. The simple ethical point. Equality comes with power and responsibility not just one.

    If the tax is 10%...And you earn 1000 bucks, you pay 100. If you earn 1 million you pay 100,000. Just an example. But both individuals pay a fair share, equal percentage of their own pies.

    The government's problem isn't too little money, is too much spending. People trying to avoid taxes isn't because they mind paying them, is because some don't pay taxes, and some are stuck with a high rate the moment they have 1 dollar above a certain threshold.

    Posted by: N711
  • The more taxes put on the wealthy the more they will put back onto the lower classes.

    It's simple, percentages are percentages. It's like putting a higher rate of tax onto businesses that make billions each year. To put a higher tax on them only means the increase of prices on ourselves. The rich work hard for the money they have, it isn't right to cause them to pay more because of the work they put in. Sort of like punishing someone because they did the right thing.

  • The rich actually work hard for their money.

    I am sure everyone here saying yes is some poor greedy liberal. Acquiring money is quite hard and the more you have the harder you have worked. I owned a business when I was 16 and made 8x more money than kids my age. The reason was because I worked for it and put lots of my time into it while the "poorer" teens just smoked weed and played sports. Same concept in real life. Rich actually work hard in school and life to get where they are. Poor just go to a crappy job then come home and do nothing all day. It should be flat across board or tax the certain occupations more like professional athletes and movies stars. They don't help society at all and aren't normal, so tax the dumb rich people more. The ones that work hard to become rich deserve it more than anyone.

  • Government doesn't get to pick winners and losers

    Everyone who picked yes on this question is doing so because of what is "fair." I guess they like it to be more fair for some than others. In the end we all need to pay a same flat percentage. At the end of the day government does not get to pick winners and losers. The end.

  • Why should they

    People are. To Rich or poor by chance. Those who are well off have worked hard to obtain the position they are in, they have not squandered and wasted their money, instead they have chosen to make it work for them.

    All people whether Rich or poor should pay the same percentage of their income to tax.

  • If they earned it let them keep it.

    Tax everyone the same. Flat rate tax, no exemptions. The only fair way to tax is to tax everyone at the same rate. If there are no exemptions, then there will be less ways to cheat. If you make a hundred dollars Pay ten dollars to taxes, if you make a thousand, pay one hundred to taxes. That would be a ten percent tax rate.

  • Youre all fucking commies if you say yes

    The rich worked for their money its their fault they were poor! So why give the man who worked just as hard a harder time huh?! Why do people who work harder have to lose more?!!?! Its not fair do you realize that?? If that was the case then there should also be charity for rich people

  • No, they have worked hard for this money!

    The rich should not have to taxed more heavily. Many, more affluent people are not necessarily wealthy; consequently, they need that money to maintain their quality of life (e.G. Pay off their mortgage, pay for healthcare, etc.). It is not equitable for the government to take up to 44% of these individuals salaries while solely taking a minute amount from the rest of the general population. Moreover, many of these heavily taxed individuals have worked long hours to get to the point that there at today; we should let them enjoy the money they so rightly deserve.

  • Life is all about choices..

    Generally speaking...Starting a business and making a lot of money involves taking financial risks, often requiring taking on large amounts of debt. Getting taxed a higher % for being willing to take risks that others are not makes no sense. Can't wait to "retire" and take my business to the Bahamas...As soon as I get this debt paid off...

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