• Yes, the rich should be pay for the uninsured.

    It is difficult to take the alarm over the projected cost of the health care bills being debated in Congress very seriously. In spite of the hyperbole, the sums are not very large in the terms of the overall budget or the economy and some of the alleged cost is simply an accounting question. In this vein, whether or not we fill a projected shortfall with a tax on the rich will not make very much difference to either the economy or the people facing a larger tax burden.

  • Yes, the rich should be held accountable to pay for the uninsured.

    Increasing tax for the more wealthy citizens of America, would trickle down to the lower class. A burden would be lifted for those who struggle to pay for the bare minimum things needed to live everyday. That money could be redirected into better health care programs, and improving our educational facilities. Returning some money to the lower class would allow for these people the boost they need to be able to get jobs, and move up to the middle class. We need to start at the roots to grow our economy, and imposing a small tax on the most wealthy seems an obvious answer. Return some money to those who need it, and we will grow from there.

  • No one should pay for healthcare

    In this day and time it's sad to think we have people dying in the streets because they could not afford healthcare to safe their lives. It is not the responsibility of the rich to save these people, although a little compassion couldn't hurt. Our government should offer free healthcare to everyone. Other countries have free healthcare for their citizens and are not hurting nearly as bad as ours.

    Posted by: jus
  • No the rich should not pay for the uninsured

    Why should they be forced to fit the bill for other people's problems? It's not their fault, so why punish them? It's just like us paying for others food stamps. Neither one is lawful no matter how much money you may have. The ends just do not justify the means. So no I don't think the rich should have to pay for the uninsured, it isn't their responsibility.

  • Not directly, but society needs to be more fair.

    I don't particularly believe in redistribution of wealth. I don't believe in redistributing it downward, but I also don't support the massive upward redistribution of wealth that has happened lately, either. The rich only getting richer while the poor get poorer benefits nobody in the end. So, I believe that a more fair and equal society should be built, hopefully without directly confiscating anyone's wealth-- whether that person is rich or poor.

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