• Yes do that

    I cant believe the shit people in the no section calling us greedy because we dont got what they have what the heck like come on ok you pay more because you have more lmaoooooo is like trump saying a small loan of a million dollars well its small because he has a lot seriously your rich people you guys try to cheat your way out of it any ways like come on a couple weeks ago i found out that rich people tend to have private bank companies in other countries so that their government doesn't confiscate their money share

  • Deeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzz Nuuuuutzzzzzz Ha

    Donald trumpis a moronic lying bigot. He should pay so much more taxessome billionaires are already shaping up, like bill gates I hate donald trump! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Paying more doesn't mean they paid the same tax rate!

    After reading the "No" side to this argument, I was very disappointed. Yes, the rich pay more money, BUT THAT IS BECAUSE THEY ARE (I emphasize) RICH!!!! <--- !!!! Ratio-wise, do they actually pay more? NO!!! They only pay more money because they have more money! Besides, if you read more on this topic, you will find that the wealthy have many ways to get out of paying taxes. If you're rich, why don't you just pay the right amount of tax??!!!

  • Deez Nuts! Got him

    People should do stuff and it could effect stuff and make stuff better I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ii I I I I I I I I ii I ii I I I I I I i

  • More inequality means low income citizens have a harder time earning money

    I see a bunch of people saying that if your wealthy you deserve the money and its unfair the give away your hard earn money to the poor who aren't trying, basically if you want to be wealth you need to work for it. However, many rich people don't work for the money such as CEOs and such but lets say they did work for the money, when there is more inequality in a country it becomes harder for the low income citizens to gain money and that effects their children as well because they can't afford better schools or tutors which creates even more inequality which means your financial status is almost decided from birth, which i think is even more unfair.

  • Yes they should!

    If the rich don't pay more taxes to help the poor then the wealth gap between the rich and poor will only get bigger. In an article I read called Bill Gates: I Support Taxing the Rich More than The Poor, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, the top two richest people, agree to the claim that the rich should be taxed more. If even the richest people are agreeing to it, then why not? The money they tax can go towards educational funds and help boost incomes for the poorer people to buy health insurance and support their families. This is why the rich should be taxed more!

  • Yes they should

    The rich should pay higher taxes. They should because if they pay extra taxes then the people who barely have food and shelter and the essentials needed for living do not have to pay and they can focus on their families instead of trying to pay taxes. That is why the rich should pay more/higher taxes.

  • Yes! Its being treated unfairly

    If poor people pay less their would be more less homeless people in the streets penetrating for food and shelter and to also look after their own families, there would also be more children in schools, where as the rich have enough money for themselves and to also afford other extra resources

  • Hell yeah the rich should pay more taxes.

    Hell yeah the rich should pay more taxes. There should be an income tax that is the
    same percentage for every single person no matter how much they make. This would be the fairest way to structure
    the income tax. Everyone would
    automatically be expected to pay their fair share.

  • Yes they should pay more because they can afford it and we get treated unequal

    They earn a higher income and they can be able to afford it. Wealthy people also get treated better they don't have to live next a high populated oil refinery. They always put things like this in a non-rich neighborhood. Now we have to choke off their pollution and we getting nothing fire getting lung cancer from their profits. I say tax them higher and should for just this reasoning for slowly killing us. Obama tax them hard, that will help cover some of my medical coverage when I get sick.

    Also wealthy people don't ever have to worry about war draft. The young men who die in wars are from poor families. You don't see a millionaire's son fighting a war. They should also be taxed more for the life of those young men. They deserve to live to.

  • Don't take hard earned money away from people who deserve it.

    Suppose I work 10 hours a day, and earn 100 dollars an hour. This other guy works 10 hours a day and earns 50 bucks an hour. These guys both earn the same amount of money under higher tax for the rich! Not only that, EVEN IF THE TOP 1% OF AMERICA WERE TAXED UP TO 50%, IT WOULD ONLY COVER SOMEWHERE BETWEEN 2-5% OF THE FEDERAL DEFICIT! It's a drop in a bucket. Why blame everything on the rich when the fault is on government. Even if the rich stole all the money, even if they fill the whole deficit, we would have moral issues and justice issues here! Sure, the rich can avoid paying taxes, but what about the roughly 10% of Americans lounging on the sofa eating chips and watching TV while the government pays them for being "unable to find and do work"? Many of the poor whom you feel sympathy for are actually doing exactly that! It is the responsibility of the Church to care for these poor, but they gave up the right once the Socialistic Government took over. Now the government is pocketing 99% of that money and giving the rest out to the guys who are lazy. Now that's what I call Communism! Also, this encourages LAZINESS. If a guy looks around and sees he can get almost that much money just sitting on the couch, he will go and do that. DON'T LET AMERICA LEAVE IT FOUNDING PRINCIPLES AND MORAL FOUNDATION!

  • Why should they?

    Why should the rich have to pay more when they either worked hard for the money or were entitled to it? Wouldn't it be easier to have everyone pay taxes? Maybe not high taxes, but fair, consistent taxes so everyone could afford it. I realize this may seem insensitive to those people out there who feel like they are entitled to other people's money, or not, who knows? But the truth of the matter is, why should the rich have to pay more when, if everyone paid just one tax season, the deficit would decrease drastically. It doesn't make sense to keep sucking out of the rich, when everyone should have to pay their fair share.

  • The rich already pay more taxes

    Let me ask a question to you. Who paid more in taxes, Donald Trump or you?
    If the federal budget of last year(2013) of 3.5 trillion dollars was split up EQUALLY among the 125 million tax payers it would be 24 grand a piece. Did you pay 24 thousand in fed income taxes??? Then you did not contribute equally to the pie as it were. And since you didn't pay in equally guess who did?

  • They Worked for it

    What I don't understand is that poor people think rich people are greedy, they are severely mistaken. Poor people are greedy because they have no money, whereas rich have plenty. Another point, why do people say "pay more because they can afford it". How would you feel if you had worked hard all of your life and the government, as revenge on your success, tax you as much as they can? It defeats the insensitive to work!

  • No. It's unfair.

    I believe in keeping what you earn. So if the rich are rich, then they did something to earn it. I think there should only be one flat rate. Say 5 or 6% for everyone. Trying to tax the rich just because they have more than you is spiteful and makes you look like a child who doesn't have the toy the other kid does.

  • No

    They have earned that money. Why should they have to pay more of a percentage if they have worked to get where they are. They should not be penalized for being successful. I think that it should be a straight across the board tax that is fair and not bias on anything

  • No.

    I advocate a flat tax. The first problem is with the word rich, the question arises, what income level is defined as rich? Secondly the notion of more. A person that makes a higher income will pay more then someone with a lesser income. I hope nobody is confused and thinking a flat tax means everyone pays a certain predetermined amount. It is hard to argue against a flat tax in an economical view, but also on a morale view.

    Posted by: Civ
  • No!!

    I do not believe that they should have to pay more. However I do not believe they should pay less. I believe that they should pay equal to what everyone else pays. No discounts on capital gains and what not. The same amount as the average joe. I support a flat tax.

  • Dude, wtf? Why?

    They earned the money, you know. Why can't they just keep what they've earned through hard work? Last I checked, this isn't a Communist society! If poor people want money, they've gotta work for it. They can't just take someone else's.

    There was a meme on the Internet of a little kid with a very tall Lego tower that she had built, with obama right there saying, "oh I've seen you worked hard on that tower
    now I'm just gonna take half of those Legos to give to the kids who've been napping all day." Do those kids who've been napping all day and didn't work to make a lego tower deserve half those legos? No. Same with money and work. Poor people need to stop being so entitled and WORK FOR IT

  • They're already paying more than everyone else.

    I understand what people say that the rich should pay more than those who have less because they can afford it. In a sense I agree because that's the only way to keep a country running. However, what you guys don't realize is that they are paying a lot more than you, and they sacrifice their everyday life in order to have more money. Someone like my dad for example at times sleeps in the office because it doesn't make sense to come back home at 3am to go back go back at 7. Additionally he's already paying a ton to taxes. He paid over 600K this year to taxes! I dont think he should have to pay that much. I think that a flat tax makes the most sense. What does the government give him more than the average Joe? If we were all to pay a flat tax (say 25-30%) he would be paying more than over 99% of the population, and at the same time be paying less taxes than he does now.

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