Should the rich pay more taxes to reduce inequality: Are progressive taxes fair?

  • Yes, rich should pay more taxes.

    The rich have less to lose and more to give. The poor have next to nothing but are often taxed more heavily than the rich. If there is any tilt in the balance, it should definitely be the rich paying more than the other way around. The rich have many tax loopholes and payoffs that allow them to stay rich and get richer. Since we allow them to get so rich, it's time they give back more to the poor.

  • If you get paid more, you should give more.

    In the 1920s, the top 1% of richest people were paying 80 percent of their income. Currently, they are paying much less, closer to 20 percent, because of loopholes in tax law. If you give away a lot of money, you get tax breaks. But what about the poor or middle class Americans who cannot just do that and avoid paying taxes? It's completely unfair.

  • Not much to add

    I agree with all the points already made and there isn't really much to add that hasn't already been said. I feel that if we did make the rich pay more unemployment would continue to grow from all the business owners having to layoff their employees. I also feel that America is the land of equal opportunity not equal payout.

  • At some point someone has earned it

    All people classified as well off at some point in their life or their parents etc have worked very hard for that money so why be punished more than those who haven't and expect it all from others, and become dependent on benefits. Furthermore if the rich have more money they will tend to invest it a lot more than those who are not so well off as they don't have the "spare cash" to spend getting a kitchen extension for example which employs builders who may not earn that much. Money works in loops and giving more to those who will put more into this loop will result in more people getting money from this. Not only this but it will encourage kids to work harder at school to get a better living and be able to financially support them and their loved ones for hopefully generations to come.

  • Why work harder to pay more?

    All the success and wealth that rich people gain are solely from hard work. So the rich having to pay more taxes would be punishing them for their hard work. This will discourage people from working harder, because they'll have to pay more anyway at the end. Where's the logic in that?

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