Should the rich pay more taxes to reduce inequality: Is it fair to tax some people at a higher rate, just because they have more money?

  • To a Point

    The concept of graduated tax scales is almost universal throughout the world. America is no exception to this. France's top rate of 90% would be seen as extreme to most reasonable people. America's top Federal Rate of 39.6% on income over 400k would be fine if that were it. When combined with state income tax, property tax, sales tax, gas tax, gift tax etc. America's tax burden becomes to big in my opinion.

  • Share the Burden Equally

    Paying more taxes isn't about redistributing wealth, it's about sharing the burden of keeping the government solvent. Whether it is an income tax or national sales tax on all purchases, wealthy individuals already bear more of a tax burden since not everyone in America makes the same amount of money. It's not the tax rates that make the rich pay more money--it's the accumulation of overall wealth.

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