• They have more money

    Of course they should pay more taxes. Why put the burden on the lower and middle classes who can't afford it? The disparity between the upper and lower classes in this country is the same level as the third world and we dare call ourselves first world? The rich have a burden to pay, instead of more unnecessary mansions in the Hamptons.

  • yes they should

    As the income gap between rich and poor widens, a majority of Americans say the growing divide is bad for the country and believe that wealthy people are paying too little in taxes, according to a new survey.

    The poll released Monday by the Pew Research Center points to a particular challenge for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, whose party's policies are viewed by a wide majority as favoring the rich over the middle class and poor.
    "Buffett Rule" fails in the Senate
    Bain Capital's tax breaks: Are they legal?
    The poll found that many Americans believe rich people to be intelligent and hardworking but also greedy and less honest than the average American. Nearly six in 10, or 58 percent, say the rich don't pay enough in taxes, while 26 percent believe the rich pay their fair share and 8 percent say they pay too much.

  • Yes yes yes

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  • Yes, they shouldn't pay the same percentage as everyone else.

    Higher taxes on the rich shouldn’t be decreased, and are entirely just. A lot of people oppose the level of taxation on the 1% because of this so-called dream many hold that is an idealistic future of achieving wealth and the idea that taxing the rich more is plainly unfair and unequal; that it is working against all of their hard-earned success that translates into monetary value. However, the idea of issuing a flat tax as an equalizer for American social classes is absurd. By doing so, the percentage of taxes issued to the rich will be decreased, therefore increasing the percentage of taxes that the middle class and poorer class have to pay. Issuing more taxes and cutting down on the number of loopholes available to the well-endowed aren’t about punishing the rich- the generalized personification of which being an extremely hard-working and intelligent individual (which in many cases, can be extremely false as there are a good number of rich people that do not contribute to society and impoverished people who do). It is about ensuring that there is a distribution of wealth and money in general to make available opportunity throughout the country for all to achieve a basic comfort in daily life. People who make more are able to pay more. Its similar to insurance, in that the more you have, the more you pay to ensure it. The US federal budget is top-heavy with corporate welfare; tax breaks and expenditures counted, corporations and the rich receive over $400 billion annually, comparative to the spending on programs for the poor which amount to $116 billion. Simply stated, the rich should pay more to the government because they get more from the government.

  • No they should pay the same percentage (higher total)

    A flat tax rate coupled with massive tax reform would allow for less loopholes that the wealthy can game. A flat 10% tax would affect people proportionately according to income. Someone making 25,000 a year pays 2,500 while someone making 2.5 million pays 250,000. The greater total burden will fall on the wealthy and it would be a good step toward creating a level playing field. (Capital gains taxes should not factor in this as money invested in the market was theoretically already taxed as income.)

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