Should the right of citizenship for all children born in the United States, regardless of the immigration status of their parents, be removed?

Should the right of citizenship for all children born in the United States, regardless of the immigration status of their parents, be removed?
  • They have just as much right to be here as Americans.

    Just because they weren't born here does not mean that they shouldn't be allowed to stay here. To me that is very stupid and that isn't fair. What if your parents went to Mexico for a trip and you accidentaly or whatever got born there when you were supposed to be a U.S citizen ? Would you like to be able to come back here ? Yup i thought soo,

  • Yes they should

    I'm very sorry, but nobody has a logical argument here. My life was not a struggle because my parents got naturalized and eventually became citizens after I was born. Still they worked minimum wage jobs, but that doesn't matter. I'm a happy person, I'm a wife and mother today and I am studying to become a neurosurgeon. Right now, the government is benefiting from my income, sales, and business taxes. My mother NEVER went on child support and we never did any illegal activities, other than my parents coming here illegally. My parents worked services, which are completely fine and don't require to pay taxes regardless of the person's status.

  • Not Reciprocal to US Citizens

    I, a US citizen, am not entitled to citizenship to any other country other than the US. And if my wife and I were LEGALLY traveling abroad, and happened to birth a child in Germany, Mexico or Sri Lanka. I would NOT want my child to be a citizen of that country, nor would I expect the country to give my child, or my wife, of me citizenship. I would want and expect them to be US citizen. The US may be the only country on the planet that allows anchor babies born to parents who are breaking our laws to determine citizenship for the entire rest of the family.

  • the question is not phrased well

    The question should be should children born of illegal immigrants be granted citizenship. The part in the question regardless of immigration status of their parents could mean that the children and their parents are here legally. I'm assuming that's what you meant.

    I am the child and grandchild of legal immigrants. I am also Hispanic. My Grandparents both follow the rules. Giving citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants and then allowing those illegal immigrants to gain citizenship is a slap in the face of everyone who followed the rules. Right now there is legislation pending that would reward illegal immigrants "a path to citizenship". This is wrong and I do not believe it is the will of the people. I believe our government has done a very poor job in this area.

    I do not believe children born of illegal immigrants should gain citizenship because of their parents crime of coming into this country illegally. Historically in the United States you're not allowed to profit from criminal activity. Coming into this country illegally is a CRIME. Therefore the children should not be given citizenship.

    I worry that we are teaching our children it's okay to cut in line. That it's okay to cheat and that criminal activity will be rewarded. Citizenship is precious and should not be the reward for committing a crime. The last time illegal's were rewarded citizenship for their crimes we were promised it would never happen again, yet here we are again

    These kinds of things happen because only 30% of us vote. It's no wonder elected officials ignore us. More of us need to vote and we need to vote intelligently. That means ignoring the propaganda and basing our votes on fact.

  • No citizenship should be granted to illegals and non-citizens.

    I'm the child of a Palestinian-Syrian immigrant and an American mother. Just because you're born here should not make you an American! This issue would solve the illegal immigration problem in our nation by allowing the entire family to get shipped back to their holes instead of crying about separating them. As a liberal, this is one issue I cant abide!

  • Children born in the United States to illegal immigrants should not receive automatic U.S. citizenship as their parents are not 'subject to the jurisdiction of the US' as required by the 14th amendment.

    The 14th amendment is often used to grant citizenship to all children born in the United States, even those of illegal immigrants. This is a misinterpretation of the 14th amendment as its intention was to grant citizenship to freed slaves, not to those who enter the United States illegally. Furthermore, the amendment states that those born to those 'subject to the jurisdiction' of the United States be granted citizenship. Since illegal aliens are in the U.S. illegally without any recognition or approval from the government, they are not under U.S. jurisdiction.

    Posted by: EminentBennett93
  • I agree that citizenship should be removed from kids whose parents are here illegally, because doing so would deter other illegals from coming here.

    Illegal immigrants know that if they can just get here and have a baby, then they will be able to stay here, and that is likely the most compelling reason for them to come in the first place. Illegal immigration is a drain on our economy, because they don't pay taxes and most of them send their money to their home country to support relatives there. The children of these illegal immigrants are often on food stamps and government medical insurance that could be used to help taxpaying citizens who are of the working poor class.

    Posted by: N3vinFace
  • I believe that being born in a particular country should not grant a person full rights of citizenship if their parents are not legally in that country.

    Although the plight of other countries is clear, it should not be the responsibility of the United States to take on children and families just because a child was born in the country. The right of citizenship should go to those that are legally within their rights to be in a country.

    Posted by: ChuckBubbIe
  • Yes, the right for all children born in America to be citizens, regardless of the immigration status of their parents, should be removed, because it gives illegal aliens a reason to sneak into the country, just to have their baby in America.

    Awarding babies American citizenship, just because their parents sneaked across the border and gave birth, is not right, to America, or to the baby. The parents will have trouble supporting the baby while they are not citizens, or be forced to work with false identification, under the table, and other undesirable illegal alien activity. This means the child will have a tough childhood, or be dumped into an orphanage after the parents are deported. It also puts the immigration office in a tough spot when they find illegal immigrants with American children, forcing them to tear apart families or deport a U.S. citizen with their parents.

    Posted by: H_Baird
  • Yes, I agree.

    Just because you are born here doesn't mean anything. I can be pregnant, go to France and have my baby in France, but that doesn't make him or her a citizen of France. If you came here illegally, you should go through the same process as everyone else who wants to become a US citizen.

  • I do not support removing the right of citizenship for all children born to illegal immigrants.

    First of all, children born in the US did not choose to be born to illegal immigrants, it just happened. Second of all, if they were born in America, they have every right to keep their citizenship because they are the ones growing up with American values and surroundings. They belong to the country more than anyone else who were not.

  • The right of citizenship for all children born in the United States should be protected, no matter the status of their parents, because children born here are naturally assimilated.

    Children adapt and assimilate much easier than adults. Any child that is actually born in the United States will grow up with American values and preferences, no matter what the immigration status of their parents is. It would be completely unfair to these de facto American citizens to take away their citizenship, when they clearly belong to our country, more than any other.

    Posted by: BoorishKraig93
  • To do this, America would risk losing its strength as a nation of immigrants.

    Throughout American history, immigration has been a source of strength, talent, and diversity that has made this country great. Changing the Constitution to be more anti-immigrants is an extreme and unnecessary step that would cripple America's vibrant melting pot, and further promote intolerance and bigotry, while undermining the idea that anyone can be an American and chase the American dream.

    Posted by: BrokenMarvin34
  • The right to be a citizen once born in the USA should not be revoked.

    This is one of the oldest and most important rights given by this country. It is important for parents seeking a better life for their children than they may have had themselves. There is no reason that potentially productive, patriotic Americans should be turned away simply because their parents are not citizens at that point in time.

    Posted by: CurvyErich46
  • All people born in the United States automatically have U.S. citizenship as guaranteed in our constitution.

    Our constitution guarantees that all people born in the United States receive citizenship. To revoke or change this right would entail changing the constitution. To base ones citizenship on the status of their parents is to return to a very primitive caste society. This is a direct affront to our ideals as citizens of the United States.

    Posted by: Cen2I0rd
  • With the exception of Native Americans, all Americans are immigrants. We have no right to change the mechanism that made our country what it is today.

    If a baby is born on the soil of our great country, then they should be a citizen, just like any baby born to parents who are citizens. Some of America's greatest innovators have been born to parents who were not citizens at the time of their birth. What a potential loss of value! We need to continue to keep America's doors open. Nations with closed doors do not remain leaders in the world for very long.

    Posted by: Jeremy McLeod
  • America has long held that the fact that you were born in America makes you an American citizen, and I think we should stick with this policy.

    If our borders were tighter and our government were doing its job, this wouldn't be so much of an issue. It's become news because so many women are sneaking onto our soil against the law and having children, then using those children to get them rights they otherwise wouldn't have.

    Perhaps one way to handle this problem is this: Just because you are a citizen doesn't mean you have the right to stay on U.S. soil. Send the kids back home with their parents, and when (or if) they grow up and can be productive citizens, they can come back.

    It's not fair to the current citizens of the U.S. to have to foot the bill for an ever-growing group of people who enter our borders against every law we have and demand access to "rights" they haven't paid for. We can't keep this up forever; that money has to come from somewhere, and our economy is getting pretty bad in recent years.

    Nevertheless, our current problems aren't bad enough to warrant changing the long-standing policy of citizenship by birth. That'd lead to a whole new set of problems.

    Posted by: SublimeAil
  • No, or else how would the U.S be known to be the 'land of the free'?

    Some people just don;t understand the fact that NO ONE is an American, unless you are a native american. We all came from another country; could be Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, etc. All of our ancestor came as an immigrant and started from scratch. Rethink that everyone came from an immigrant past, and that most immigrants are seeking for a better life.

  • No no no.

    Some just want their kids to have a better life. And they had no choice, its not there fault that their parents are like that. They still have there rights like everyone else. Don't judge them for what there parents did. So to sum up, no way hosay. The end.

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