Should the right of marriage allow both same-sex and polygamy (YES), or only one or neither (NO)?

Asked by: Vere_Mendacium
  • Legalizing Gay marriage is the right thing to do.

    It is wrong to deny homosexuels from the right to marriage. I can think of no reason to ban gays from getting married. The idea of marriage has always been changing and is different from society to society so the idea of "traditional marriage" no longer matters. Polygamy also sould be acceptable ass long as it is between consenting adults.

  • Marriage should be defined and interpreted by any reasoning & consenting adult

    The fundamental human right to establish a bonding relationship with another should be uninhibited between consenting adults, defined as those whom have of critical thinking capacity and higher (average) reasoning capability (essentially, not a minor in terms of a psychological or physiological sense). While these credentials apply to my defense the freedom to define marriage as such, these adult human qualities are not limited to marriage and do and should permit people to make many other human right choices.

  • Both Polygamy and Gay Marriage should be legal.

    Gay marriage and polygamy should be legal and protected by the first and 14th amendments. The first amendment guarantees the right to freedom of association (meaning that people have the right to associate with whomever they want) while the 14th amendment ensures the equal protection of people's rights without discrimination (meaning that if heterosexuals have the right to marry, so should gays and people who desire multiple companions).

    It's not just polygamy that should be legal, it's polyandry, bigamy, and polyamory in general.


  • The Destruction of Marriage- Sponsored by Liberals!

    Redefining marriage is wrong, and unnecessary.
    Gay people should not have the right to marry.
    Allowing this, and polygamy is destroying the institution of marriage, and it seems liberals have a fetish for anything that they think will help this nation, but will actually harm it.
    Redefining marriage is wrong, and should not happen. If it does, then conservatives have every right to redefine it back to it's original, CORRECT, form, between a man and a women, not any of that other garbage.

    Stupid liberals. Think logically.

  • Homosexual Marriages Are Okay, But Not Polygamy

    I cannot say that I'm against homosexual marriages, even though I'm a Christian and Bible says it's wrong.. I personally think that people love whom they love, but I cannot accept having multiple wives/husbands at the same time. A) It's not safe STD wise and B) it's just wrong... I cannot agree that it's okay... I just cant.

  • Marriage Should Be monogamous

    I agree that gay marriage should be legal, but Polygamy is just horrible. It is mostly practiced by sexist 3rd world countries where men disrespect Women. This practice is degrading toward women since it allows Men to have as many partners as they want and not suffer any legal consequences. Polygamy would degrade our culture morally by sending the message across that "it is okay to have multiple partners" and so cheating and marital affairs would skyrocket through the roof. Children would also be psychologically damaged by being raised by multiple parents. If there is a push to legalize polygamy in my country, I will do whatever I can to oppose and defeat it.

  • Gay marriages and polygamy should not be legal.

    When God made the Heavens and the Earth, he created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. He also didn't create Adam and Eve and Mary at the same time. Our species is supposed to be a man and a woman. That is how every single mammal on the earth is. We are mammals too. We should not have 2 guys or 2 woman being married. It's even worse to have a man with 2 or more wives. We are mammals. We were created as a man and his wife.

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Vere_Mendacium says2014-09-17T01:21:15.300
Yes, I know these issues have been asked many times before on DDO, however, not in this logical manner. The real question is; does one define/defend the right of marriage to include both these independent concepts, OR either one or none (moreover, I am looking to the answers that identify with the 'or' option, defending that 'THIS' is ok, but 'THAT' is not...
The_Immortal_Emris says2014-09-17T14:38:35.663
How about no one can get married anymore. Lawlessness is the only answer. LAWLESSNESS!
Vere_Mendacium says2014-09-17T21:27:34.913
Like CHinton hinted, I should have structured the question to include polyamory moreover. You are absolutely correct! Hopefully, anyone who can/does read this before they vote, I hope they take this into consideration.
Vere_Mendacium says2014-09-17T21:28:51.070
Regarding Emris, I don't infer that rights have anything to do with law, as law come subordinate to rights (human rights anyways), and as such are irrespective of the law aside from laws protecting rights.

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