Should the right to file an FOIA request be limited to credentialed journalists?

  • The right to file should be for credentialed journalist only.

    Yes it is my belief that the right to file should only be for credentialed journalists. The people in this profession have had an education that is made for reporting on the news and keeping their personal feelings out of it. We can't have every Tom, Dick, and Harry put in submission forms as it would b a huge waste of time, tax dollars, and create a backlog of the system.

  • No, any group should have the right.

    No, I do not believe the right to file a "Freedom of Information Act" request should be limited to credentialed journalists. Since any sensitive information is not included, I believe any one person or group should have the right to file a request. Limiting this to credentialed journalists gives them an unfair edge on how information is presented to the public.

  • No, any citizen should have access to information

    No, in America everyone should have access to information. Why should it be restricted to credentialed journalists only? Current law says that the Freedom of Information Act gives any citizen the right to request the records of any federal agency, and that's the way it has to be in a democracy.

  • FOIA should be available to all citizens.

    The Freedom of Information Act is a way for citizens to practice their civil rights regarding personal privacy. All citizens should have access to what kind of information the government is looking for. After all, government officials are supposed to be working for the people. Also, there is no reason journalists should have rights other citizens do not.

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