Should the right to live include the right to die?

  • My decision. My conscious and rational decision

    My decision. My conscious and rational decision. I in full possession of my physical, mental and spiritual powers have the right to end my life. Inform children, friends and family about my decision and say goodbye. No pain, remorse, nor traumas, the calm and right understanding of my will: Just the last journey of no return.

  • Yes, The Right to Die is a Personal Choice

    The right to live indicates that we have the choice to choose to live, and if that is the case, than the alternative - the right to die - should also be considered true. The fact that these very similar concepts are considered so different has more to do with government control and the prevalence of Abrahamic faiths that prohibit suicide than any rational argument. The right to die is a personal choice, and in dying an individual doesn't hurt or affect society in any way, so it should be a logical extension of the right to live and the right to personal choices without interference.

  • No, life is too valuable.

    No, the right to live should not include the right to die, because anyone that would want to die is not mentally sound. A person's life still has value, no matter how deformed they are, or not matter how sick they are. It is a slippery slope to allow people to choose to leave the world.

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