Should the rights of individuals be sacrificed for collective social stability?

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  • Humans have too much hate and greed and blind faith.

    For those of you who say these rights can't be sacrificed would you say the same thing if you didn't get these rights but hundreds of others would? Think about it HONESTLY please. Not to mention that our natural inclination is to take as much as we want and not give any back, what about animals? We constantly kill them for the single reason of they are in our way, or we relocate them, so what about their houses that their families have had for a thousand years? Or their neighbors they have known? And when you counter this argument with they are animals they don't care GIVE ME PROOF!! Actual proof of a device that will translate an animal's thoughts so that we can communicate and have concrete proof not observations and guesses. One last question, do we even know if we have these rights? They have told us we can argue in court, voice our opinion in public, but who has? Who can say that we really have these rights and we can trust our government to tell us the truth.

  • Individual rights are most important

    Even though it may seem like personal rights should be sacrificed in order to have collective social stability, I think that personal rights are most important and should not be sacrificed. Our rights are very important and it is best not to get rid of them for any reason, even a decent reason.

  • Personal freedoms stabilize society

    If the rights of individuals can't be counted on to be there when we need them, then societal stability can't exist. If there is no legal way to change public policy, then intolerable actions by the state will leave no recourse to the people but destabilizing public resistance. If the rights of a minority can be removed - then the rights of any portion of society can be removed - so no one is safe.

    Our American democracy is predicated on the idea of individual freedom that is guaranteed - not given - by our government. This is a radical concept that helps to stabilize our society.

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