• Rights of the victim very important

    Any one who is being accused has the right to be protected to the very extinct of the crime. But the victim should have a little more right to be protected since they are the ones facing the consequences of the action. The victim has to face what happened to them which counts for a lot.

  • Rights of the victim are more important

    When a person commits a crime against another human being, the rights of that aggressor should automatically take second chair to the rights of the person who has been transgressed. The criminal makes a decision in a moment like that, and should know that they are putting themselves at risk.

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  • No, They Shouldn't

    Who's to say that the accused isn't being falsely accused? You'd be denying rights to someone that hasn't even truly done anything wrong. Their rights should be equal. If the accused is truly in the wrong, they are still a human being that deserves rights in court, just as much as the victim does.

  • You don't know there was a victim, yet...

    Unless you have proven that the person accused victimized the accuser, it is not determined that they were a victim. That is why presumption of innocence is so important. Done right, the victim's rights are never violated.

    Note that it is rights of the accused, not rights of the perpetrator.

    The moment we even entertain the idea of considering a person as default guilty, the legal system falls apart, and anyone can end up accusing anyone of anything, with that person's life being thrown to the winds regardless of whether or not they even DID anything.

  • No not really.

    The rights of the victim and the rights of the accused need to be balanced. In some cases it may be hard to see the other side of the story, (the accused) but we need to accept that they may not be guilty, and if they are they still have certain rights.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe the rights of the victim should outweigh the rights of the accused. There are many cases where people are falsely accused and our system is suppose to support the contention that you are not guilty until proven so. If the rights of the victim are held over the rights of the accuser then the later simply is not true and the system is essentially broken.

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