• Yes, the should get called off.

    Rio is essentially in the midst of a civil war right now. Millions of people are planning on going to Rio for the Olympics and they will only be a target, during what is supposed to be a celebration of the nations of the world coming together in peace and harmony.

  • It may be the only option

    The Olympics in Rio are sounding more and more like a bad idea. There are concerns about the police, the zika virus, dirty waterways, and unfinished structures. Rio is simply not prepared, and some of the issues cannot be helped. At this point, with the games starting in about a month, I don't think any other city could possibly prepare to host the Olympics, and it might just be best to cancel them altogether this time around.

  • Olympics Go On

    No, the Rio Olympics should not be called off. The Olympics are an important event for the world. They are a symbol of global unity, a source of pride for individuals and their countries, and a source of heroes for children to look up to. The Olympics are all about great strength and endurance, about pushing through the hard times to reach a goal. Cancelling the Olympics would be disastrous.

  • No, they should not be called off.

    The Rio Olympics should not be called off, preparations are well underway and have costed a lot of money which will turn out to be a waste if calls to cancel implemented. The so many concerns that have been raise seem to have been taken care off and organizers have made the preparation an all inclusive affair.

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