Should the role of the man in the modern family be explored through a "Gathering of Men" in a TedMen Conference setting?

  • The fact that there is a need for Tedwomen indicates that it should.

    Men and women are different. We learned this in pre-school. Yet we as a culture allow women their own niche, exclusive to them, while simultaneously forcing men to allow open entry into all traditional rings, and actively campaigning against male only groups (like Augusta Golf Club). If you had a gathering of Men, I think it would be worth it just for the dialogue and ideas that would come out of it.What do men think? What are they willing to share with each other when we are not impaired by the ideas and complications of the opposite sex?

  • Could Be Good

    I believe the role of the man in the modern family should be explored. If a gathering of men can do so in a TedMen Conference setting then at least that would be an open platform where more individuals could share the experience. American attitudes are shifting and in many ways it has negatively impacted our families.

  • Roles are always changing.

    Since the "Gathering of Men" is designed to help men with any issues in their daily life, this seems like an excellent topic to be explored. It may help men with self worth issues in understanding that they are no longer confined in being the sole provider of a household, that a man who is a stay at home father has just as much worth as one who works all day.

  • No need for a "Gathering of Men"

    There is no need to explore the role of the man in the modern family. For a start, in each family the role of the man is likely to be different. Secondly, men do not need to be patronised to in this manner, after all, women would not want to be told their role in a family so why would a man?

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