• Yes. They Do.

    They are a nation. They have freedoms as a people. And one of those God-given freedoms is to have an independent state. They deserve to live in a place where they do not get persecuted and decide for themselves. Doesn't any other nation want the same too? Why not exclude the Roma peoples?

  • Yes, I think the Roma people should have an independent state.

    I think if a nation was willing to give the Roma people some land for them to settle on and eventually form their own independent state I would say that would be a good thing, there would have to be significant organization in the Roma people's leadership to make something like that happen.

  • yes they should

    yes, i think that it would be a really good thing to have them be able to have their own state to run, and it would let them do a lot of the customs that they like, but that a lot of other countries seem to frown down at now.

  • Yes they should.

    The Roma people should have an independent state. They are people just like everyone else, so they deserve a place to live without having to be constantly in a state of fear. It should be a goal of the world to give the Roma people a place to call thier own.

  • No, they haven't earned it

    I do not think that they deserve to have their own state because they have not won a war to do so. They should declare their independence and then go to war if they are declined it. That is what the colonists did in the 1770s and it worked out well for them.

  • The Roma people should not get their own state.

    The world established a sovereign state for a group of people once. That state is Israel, and it has been at the center of hostilities within the middle east ever since. The problem with saying a people should have a state implies that they could. The only place left on the planet with no people to claim it is places that no one can live.

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