Should the Roman Catholic Church allow female priesthood?

  • Yes! They totally should!

    Like all religions, there are things The Catholic Church teaches that I do not agree with. Although I love the traditions, the foundation, the history, the sacraments, their devotion to Mary and the Saints, their liturgical seasons, the sacredness of the Eucharist, the authority of the Pope, Catholic Social Justice Teaching, the ritual of the mass, their pro-life stance, and many other things, I am not in full agreement with my faith on various social/sexual matters. The Catholic Church is not wrong for their belief that the Priesthood is only for females, but in 2014, I would like to see The Church open more doors for women, even the Priesthood. Catholicism has been around for a loooooooooong time and some of her teachings are backwards today, but I am not ready to give up and lose hope. Anything is possible, and I hope for more modern social stances in the Catholic faith!!

  • Yes! Why is this up for debate??

    The only reasoning people give against this is poorly veiled sexism. Women are the same as men. In fact they are more stable than men because their hormones fluctuate in patterns instead of at random. There is no real reason to exclude women from the church. This is the 21st century and women should have equal rights.

  • Yes they should!

    Basic biology and religion are the seeds to gender stereotypes. Although things are changing, society is still stuck in the 50's. Too many people, particularly males don't want a woman leader. Women give life, but men AND women destroy it! Sexism goes BOTH ways for all you ignorant men AND women!

  • No Because Culture Shouldn't Affect What Bible Clearly Says

    I am not even a Catholic but I know that allowing women to hold authority positions at the church is not Biblical. It is not even simply the tradition as Catholics out it.
    The Bible is very clear that women cannot be allowed to hold positions of authority at a church and cannot serve roles of Priests, Bishop, Cardinal, whatever.
    Same goes for Protestant views to which I adhere. Women should not be pastors, reverends, or elders at church.

    Women CAN however hold positions of authority over other women in situations when there is a women's ministry of some kind that is not involved in decision making at the church. Also they can make decisions when it comes to Sunday school and such.

    If we do choose to follow the Bible then we must avoid picking and choosing that which is socially acceptable today.

  • Not now, not ever.

    The Roman Catholic Church has its traditions for a reason. The priesthood is reserved for males, not out of a perception that the female gender is inferior, but rather it was tradition passed down from the early Christians. All twelve of the apostles were males, and so they chose males to succeed them as leaders of the Church. Also, priests are called to be representatives of Christ, and a woman can simply not act Pro-Christi.

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