Should the safety of women be prioritized over that of men during an escape/rescue?

  • Yes, woman should be protected because they are not as strong as men.

    Woman and children first has always been the protocol used during rescues. Male chivalry is important and men need to let women know that men will be there to protect them in times of a crisis. Women can give birth to more children and as well as take care of existing children.

  • Yes - they need more of a fighting chance

    When it comes to an escape/rescue situation, women have less of a fighting chance than men. Men are typically stronger, faster, and can make more rational decisions in the face of a physical crisis. Because of this, I feel that women should always be helped first and sent on their way to safety before other groups.

  • Yes, Women First

    Yes, the safety of women should be prioritized over that of men during an escape/rescue. An emergency situation usually requires strength and we have to admit most men are quite a bit stronger than women. Men are usually more intuitive than women in escape or rescue situations, too. Left on their own in one of these situations, there is a good chance that women would not be able to save themselves. As much as feminists will deny it, there is a time and place to admit men are a stronger and more capable.

  • No, This is sexist.

    It should not be judged by gender, race, life completions or wealth. Everybody deserves a chance of living. Women are equally a smart as men, sometimes smarter, So Women can think for themselves, we don't need men following women around feeding them information. Yes, Women give birth to children but men could "reproduce" more children than women as it takes 9 months to develop a child but only a few seconds for men to be ready to reproduce.

    In the case of there being a pregnant woman, the pregnant mother and the child's father would be prioritized. The Same for young children and their parents.

    The Youngest should be prioritized as the elders will die sooner than the younger person.

  • When it boils down to this scenario, it's every person for itself

    No, the safety of women should not be prioritized over the safety of men. However, the safety of children and teenagers should because they are not powerful as adults. Also, men and women have a 50/50 chance of survival in these situations, unless you find yourself to be very unlucky and you are very close to the thing that is causing danger

  • In result views, no

    No matter what differences men and women have, we need to concern about about the result disasters brings. Seem like boom, fire,and others else, both of men and women have no chances to live. Life are equal, no matter about the gender, everyone have the same rights to live from disasters.

  • No I do not think so.

    The safety of men and women should come down to who is more injured, and who needs the rescue sooner to have the better chance of living. We should not rescue a woman first just because she is a woman, we should look at all the factors than make an informed decision.

  • No, women and men should be treated equal, kids should be rescued first.

    I think if we're going to prioritize who gets to safety, it should be based on what/how many accomplishments you've made in life. Like if you made a really famous painting or developed some brand new technology or medicine, you get first dibs on the safety boat. But if you've served jail time for a serious crime or never finished high school, you get pushed to the end of the line. It shouldn't be about gender.

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