• Yes, safe and ethical trade is possible.

    Ivory is a beautiful product with many uses. Legalizing the sale and possession of ivory will give an incentive for ivory producing countries to responsibly manage their local sources of ivory. Much like wild fish, countries that are good stewards of their ivory producing animals will keep the animal populations strong and healthy while providing gainful employment to their citizens.

  • Yes, and it already is.

    In the United States, it's already pretty much illegal to sell ivory. That being said, people can own ivory, but importing it, even antique ivory, is illegal. The U.S. will also confiscate ivory and destroy it if they find it being imported to the United States. I feel it should be illegal, because elephants and rhinos are killed just for their tusks/horns, which is a horrible tragedy. We should not encourage the slaughter of animals for such selfish reasons.

  • It should be illegal!

    If the government said that it was okay to hunt for ivory, there would be no Rhinos and Elephants left on earth. Both elephants and rhinos are amazing animals and it would be very sad if they went exctinct. Also, rhinos and elephants do NOT deserve to be slaughtered!! I am a huge animals lover and it makes me mad that there are people killing the elephants and rhinos.

  • And kill off the rest of elephants

    That is just an open door policy to say it is OK to go out and kill elephants for there tusks. Many people think that rhino horns are made out of ivory. They are not, they are made out of the same thing as fingernails and what hair is. Anyway, elephants are in danger of being wiped off the face of the Earth and should be protected. This is why ivory should be illegal.

  • No, ivory should not be legal

    Since ivory comes from a species that is not fully thriving at this time, ivory should remain illegal to reduce the amount of people who are killing elephants. Everything that can be done to protect endangered species should be done so they do not go extinct. Elephants are hunted down illegally still, but it is good to have it be against the law at least.

  • No, ivory should be illegal.

    I do not believe that the sale and possession of ivory should be once again made legal. I think that there is nothing right about killing animals like elephants for the sake of acquiring their tusks. It is a barbaric act and should be outlawed. And the continued banning of ivory products help that.

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