Should the sale of alcohol be banned on Election Day when polls are open?

  • Alcohol Impairs the voter's decision making.

    Yes, by all means and any way possible alcohol should be banned on election days as alcohol clouds a person's judgement. Therefore, this could lead to the voters being influenced much more easily to propaganda made by corrupt politicians. And if there are intoxicated voters voting on the election day it is not a fair vote as the people when they sober up may realise they made a bad decision

  • Yeah, this is true.

    The sale of alcohol should be banned on the Election Day when polls are open. This is to avoid chaos and any form of confusion on the voting venues. Drunkards are always arrogant and sometimes can't be controlled. This can lead to a lot of negative impacts like rigging and also fights.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Corrupt politicians did whatever they could to make voters happy. And of course one way to do that was to keep the voters liquored up and basically seduce them or bribe them with drinks, free drinks, and it could actually skew the results of the election. Shouldn't these bans begin on the first day of early voting and continue until the polls close on election day?

  • No, the sale of anything should not be banned arbitrarily.

    No, it is silly to ban alcohol on Election Day. So often, people argue about how freedom is at stake with every election yet would be willing to take away a person's ability to use their money on a legal product. If people want to drink alcohol on Election Day, that is completely their prerogative.

  • No, alcohol sales should not be banned on election day at all.

    I do not think that banning the sale of alcohol while polls are opened will affect the polls at all. If someone needs a drink so bad during the day, they will find a way to have it. Most of the people that would need a drink while the polls are opened are probably not going to vote anyway.

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