• It's My Body, Not the Government's

    If people aren't even allowed to make their own choices about what goes into their own bodies then what belongs to the individual anymore? Nothing. It means we are effectively government property, slaves. We should restore sovereignty of the body to he individual. My body, not yours, I should be allowed to make my own decisions about my own body. We obviously can't trust the government to do it, given how it has banned a relatively safe and medically beneficient plant. These laws don't just stop idiots from taking things that are bad for them, it stops intelligent people who carefully consider the relevant information and weigh the pros and cons and decide to think for themselves instead of being sheep. If the consequence of legalizing drugs is that more stupid people die, so be it. The good of the intelligent, thinking people is what should be considered first and foremost and if you act like an idiot and ruin your life that's your own fault.

  • It is the only viable option

    Every country that ever decriminalised drugs have had major success. The use of drugs amongst the population declines, crime reduces, social problems decline. We no longer criminalise mass swathes of the population, criminal enterprises are stripped of its biggest cash revenue, jails empty, police can dedicate their time to actual crime, resources can be diverted to rehab. It is the biggest no brainer ever.

    Source: http://www.Time.Com/time/health/article/0,8599,1893946,00.Html#ixzz2bPFabK2P

  • Drugs Should Be Legalized

    This is a wide-open topic for debate. Many will argue that by wording the topic, as “drugs should be legalized” that this would include all drugs. Actually the wording, being pretty specific, does indicate that. My stance in support of drug legalization therefore incorporates legalizing ALL drugs, and is based on the premise that a long-standing “war on drugs” is an absolute failure. The black market has taken control of ALL drugs, regardless of whether or not they have a substantial support within our country, and have only added to our crime rate. The money generated by taxation, via the legalization of ALL drugs would be such a huge amount that funding could be available for treatment of abusers and addicts, not to mention monies available to support law enforcement in an attempt to fight the criminals. The war on drugs is an obvious failure. Legalization would at least be a venture down a potentially more successful road.

  • Yes, ale should be legalized and taxed. HOWEVER...

    I think use of drugs should still not be allowed. We do need the money from taxation, and we could really do without the war. BUT if somebody who does not have a certified and legalized business AND is in possession of drugs, they should be arrested. Think about what marijuana can do to the brain, and how disappointed parents would be if their children were "high". That would have a negative effect. In addition, modern society needs more smart people. If all the smart ones are taking an overdose of heroin or cocaine, then we may not be able to supply our world with the intelligent workers it needs. (PS: Yes, id do realize that my plan is stupid. It's supposed to be!)

  • Legalize our drugs

    First off, cannabis is already being legalized in states, and it will continue to be. Next, if we legalize drugs, then the illegal drug trading market will die off! It will be harder for dangerous drug dealers to deal their supplies because it will initially become more common. And a huge benefit that comes with legalizing drugs.. Taxes. Legalize a new drug? Tax it!

  • Drugs should be legalized.

    Yes, drugs should be legalized. Banning drugs has caused far more problems that it has solved. The black market drug trade is the source of many of our gang problems. Legitimate businesses are not allowed to make drugs, yet there is still a demand for them. These underground deals result in deadly violence and our prisons being full of people whose only crime was taking an illegal drug.

  • Absolutely, of course.

    It's not that I think drugs are good, it's that making drugs illegal has caused far more problems than it has solved. There is the crime involved in drug trade, then there is the prison system getting jammed by millions of non-violent drug users, then the violence it causes in other countries.

  • Absolutely not, of course.

    All illegal drugs are addictive and too many kids are using illegal drugs. It is a huge problem in America.
    In all the countries where drugs have been legalized, drug use has gone up. Organized crime has gone up in these countries too, as have the street dealers. Legalizing drugs in America will not stop street gangs or the Mexican drug cartels.

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