• Yes, as the liver grows back.

    I agree, though with some reservations. It would need to be heavily regulated to ensure the health of both the donor and the receiver. Also the liver grows back fairly quickly and leaves nothing but a scar. There are of course valid and important arguments on both sides of the fence.

  • Waiting for transplant

    I have been on the list for 3 years now doing everything I can to et a kidney and still I wait on dialysis. Those who don't know what its like to go through dialysis feel like it may not be a big deal but it causes me to miss out on my family. I would love for someone to want to donate their kidney for me but reality is they wont. We are a money driven society and if money is what it takes for me to get a kidney that is what I would do. This doesn't mean paying out of pocket because I don't have the money to do so but the government is already paying for dialysis costing around 30,000 a month. They could just as easily pay someone for a kidney for just one month of dialysis.

  • I believe organs should be legalized

    Even though crime rates would rise they would also fall shortly after because the decline in demand for organs. Legalizing organ sales would also decrease the waiting times for organs so a lot of peoples lives would be saved

  • Only if the body has a pair

    Yes, only if the body is born with a pair of it eg. kidneys which are both healthy and you can spare one without affecting your own health. Government must regulate this and determine the fair compensation for the donor. People have different reasons to give consent, one of which is financial consideration for the poor...

  • Because the NO voters are misinformed

    Crime would go down. Al Capone made a fortune because alcohol was ILLEGAL. Illegal harvesting is a problem because there is not a regulated market. There is a black market for every illegal good.
    Morality. Everyone is their own judge. The gov't is not the moral police, and you arent mine.

  • The organs need to be tested for disease before they're used, so people are sure they're not buying a disease plus the organ, why not?

    There are many people who aren't diseased drug abusers who are willing to sell their organs. Maybe the people have two of something and they think they can do it, or maybe they want to perform a needed service. Maybe that person is suicidal and they want to do something good before they go. Whatever the reason, there should be nothing stopping them from doing whatever they want with their own body.

  • If you can help save a life and are willing to why should it be illegal?

    I think it should be legal to sell organs. If a human wants to donate their organs and help save another person's life why should that be illegal? It is completely voluntary so it's not as if the government would force you to donate organs. I just don't understand why it would be illegal to help save lives.

  • Organ for money

    I think I should be allowed to donate my organs. If they want an organ and I want the money, I see no harm in it. It's my body and I should be able to decide what to do with the parts. It's not illegal to kill yourself so why should it be illegal to give a organ to somebody who needs it? Plus, let's face it, we ALL know that killing yourself is a lot more damaging to your health than giving an organ.

    They are my organs and no one can tell me what to do with them. I would sell my organs for money definitely.

  • Legalize it now!

    I have a right to my own body I should be able to do with it as I please! There are men women and children in this country who are dying because they're in need of a donor, let us help them before its too late, we care so should you!

  • Um yes? Duh

    An average of 18 people die a day on the waiting list for transplants. Something must be done. The current system is not working; too many people are dying. The only way to close that gap is to motivate living donors (who may be in a financial situation) to donate and save a life while doing it.


    If organ selling became legal, only the ones who could afford it would get it. Many cant even afford to go to the dr or buy their medication. Can you imagine, what the cost of organs would be? Open your eyes and look at our gas prices.........God forbid anyone who is not wealthy to need a transplant.

  • Are you crazy?!

    Can you not READ?! Everything mentioned on the right hand side is so valid! A corrupt society where the rich are healthy and the poor are dying and people are going around killing babies and stealing old people's hearts! Is THAT the world you wish your grandchildren and their grandchildren etc. to live in? A dark and messed up world like that? With mothers crying to the heavens "Why?! WHY?!" Do YOU want to be responsible for making the world this way? I sure don't. Therefore I, as an intelligent intellectual who happens to care for the future of this world, will opt against legalizing the sale of human organs. And if you have any common sense you will do the same.

  • We should give life to others as it was given to us.

    Human organs should not be sold on the white market as they should not be sold on the black market. Human organs should be given freely because life is given freely to us. No one pays for their life when they are born. Your mother and father give it to you freely. If an organ is available, it should not go to the highest bidder but the person who needs it the most. We should not monetize organs because the gift of life should not cost you an arm and a leg.

    Posted by: R3ubHockey
  • No. Its dangerous.

    You know who's going to be selling their organs? Poor people! They'll be so desperate for money that they'll sell their own kidneys. Well, a kidney. This is just another way for the rich to buy themselves a better life at the expense of the poor. Such a law is dangerous.

  • Has humanity lost its humanity?

    The very idea of debating whether or not to legalize the sale of human organs is offensive, repugnant, and insane! Has humanity lost its humanity? Have we become carnivores where the strong, the powerful and the rich devour the weak, the poor and helpless vulnerable? If we continue in this path, we shall devour ourselves to extinction sooner than later.

  • The affirmative side is saying "we have a right" when we don't.

    Tell me where in the Constitution where it says we have a right to do WHATEVER we want with our body. You are presuming we have that right and if an organ can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, no one is going to buy them therefore this plan will not accomplish in saving "many" lives.

  • Increases killing rate.

    If the selling of organs was legalized, there would be an increased rate of murders. There is also the possibility that you could receive a bad organ, risking your life. Only the rich would be able to afford the organs if it was legal to put them up on the market. There are multiple risks of infection, disease, bacteria, and even fatalities. There is a reason that selling organs isn't legal, they're only keeping it illegal for our benefit.

  • It's wrong to get money for something you should donate.

    Your donation can save a life. That's something special, to know you saved a life and didn't ask for anything in return. What if you could save maybe someone's life but they couldn't pay for the organ? What are you going to do? Just let that person die? That's wrong.

  • immoral

    will only benefit the rich in the long run and could cause the boundary line to break. If organs should be sold whats the difference of a prostitute selling her body for money.
    It is just a bad idea. If someone want to give an organ it should be out of the goodness in their heart.

  • sale or kidnapping of children from poor families

    If this law is remouved it will open an entire new section in the black market. People will be kidnaping or selling and buying babies and children, kepping them alive untill full grown and then slaughter them for profit. No one will be asking questions about who its forom because its legal.

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GWL-CPA says2013-03-26T22:25:51.453
If your liver is completely removed, it does not grow back. A damaged liver can repair itself, sometimes. If you donate part of your liver, that part may grow back withing six to eight weeks. And, the surgery is not without risks.
Anonymous says2013-06-09T04:21:41.407
It's becoming a serious problem
Anonymous says2013-08-29T14:29:43.687
Give an alternative for both pros and cons
Quan says2013-08-29T16:46:56.837
This wouldn't necessarily be limited to selling your own organs. I believe we're nearing the point where we can reliably clone organs, and there's no reason those shouldn't be able to be sold.
GWL-CPA says2013-08-29T17:39:10.613
You don't know much about how close we are to cloning organs in test tube; we ain't. No one has cloned one human organ yet. People that believe this nonsense have watched too many science fiction movies. Similar to the people who think we will be building bases on Mars, terraforming planets, and landing men on Europa. Actually, building bases on Mars and landing men on Europa will be easier than cloning organs; however all three are not going to happen any time soon, if ever. Terraforming planets will never happen, despite science fiction movies like Star Trek and Total Recall. It is highly unlikely that mankind will ever clone any human organs.