Should the Scarborough Shoal be a part of China and not the Philippines?

  • The Philippines won't handle it properly

    I, myself, is a proud Filipino thinks that it would be impractical to hold the Scarborough Shoal. Allow me to explain... First of all the Philippines should not intervene based on their current state. Philippines, unfortunately, has been undermined by its corrupt practices that led to countless problems such lack of infrastructure. Shouldn't be they focus about their state affairs rather than the large, political games of nations? Also, if my countrymen would wage war against The Red Dragon, then there would be no arguments to talked from them. I know the fact that Scarborough Shoal has many future purpose like unknown oil, but what's best for them is to hold it off for a while.

  • Um, um, um.

    International Law of the Sea says so. Anything within 200 nautical miles of a country belongs to said country, therefore the Scarborough Shoal belongs to the Philippines, as the Scarborough is around 120 nautical miles from the Philippines. Also China is so big why do they need more patches of water?

  • We own it.

    The Philippines has owned the Scarborough Shoal long before Chinese oppression to our country has started, although people would argue that our country wouldn't be able to maximize its resources for our own needs, it doesn't matter. Stealing precious land from our country is nothing but tyranny and oppression to the little people, and if we are talking logically, China is miles away from the shoal, and the Shoal isn't even covered by their economic zone presented in the UN.

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