Should the school Day be shorter to allow for more sleep in children and teens?

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  • This is what people ignore:

    Student test scores increase, significantly, given more sleep. A research project performed by the Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement found that students, given approximately an hour more of sleep a night, performed better academically, were less susceptible to depression and other mental disorders, were less often victims of automobile accidents, and were overall in better mental and physical health (http://www.Ccsdschools.Com/Community/documents/ImpactofLaterStartTime.Pdf). Student attendance increased, and the school average increased significantly.

    I suppose the people who chose "no" have not taken this into account, or simply have never researched this study. The Finish educations system -also- implements this system, and it has among the highest scores in the world.

  • Yes it should!

    Less school means more sleep. Sleep is an important part of a child's life. Also, most of a child's life is school. WE ARE STUCK IN SCHOOL WHEN WE COULD BUILD LIFE SKILLS!! WHY DO WE WASTE TIME IN SCHOOL WHEN WE COULD EXPERIENCE THE WORLD!! I rest my case.

  • I Say YES

    Kids need to sleep more then they are because some kids get up so early that they fall asleep during class ( not always because they stay up to late) and some kids only get about 8 to 9 hours to sleep ( or so ).Teens in particular( not all but most) are stress in school and need a rest, which is where more time to sleep is helpful. Thanks for reading and get good sleep.....

  • I like sleep.

    I like my sleep. Being in middle is hard and requires a lot of energy. I mostly don't have. I'm also an athlete. That sure help. I'm almost always tired. I'm given plenty homework with i can handle. But when you only have thursdays and sundays? No. I need more sleep!!!

  • Sleep is really important in development.

    Children who have after school activities such as basketball may not get home until around 5. Then they may have work until say, 8. Then they get home and have to eat dinner which will take about an hour. After that they have to do their homework. Depending on homework it could take anywhere from 1-3 hours to finish all of the homework assigned by all 7 of your different teachers. You blink and it is midnight and you still have some homework left to do. There is not enough hours in the day to complete all of these tasks.

  • Sleep is Important.

    Speaking from experience I can say that sleep-deprived is the best word I could use to describe myself as a student. Getting up at 5 am to go to school, after going to bed at 11 because of homework is not healthy. Both teens and children will be more alert in school after a goods night sleep/

  • Yes school needs to start earlier

    I am in middle school I do not experience being tired at school my self but I know many other students who are that go to sleep at the same time I do. It would be helpful for them to start school early. Sleep is also very important for health.

  • Its nice to sleep

    If you have to wake up at 5 than its a problem. Grades 4-5 should have to go to school at 8:30 so they can sleep in which makes them more active and that is good. That is why schools should be started later then eight o clock in the morning

  • It is a major stress releif

    As some one in high school and going to college in a couple of months i am supper stressed out and often find my self sleeping in class because of all the sports i play and the fact that i am also working. So if we could have shorter days so i could be less stressed then i could do better at my sports work and school

  • Yes, but not necessarily for more sleep

    In general, I think school days should be shortened a bit. Especially if students have jobs or after-school activities or just want to spend some time with friends or family, they should have more time in the afternoon to do so. If they choose to use that extra time to sleep, that's fine, too.

  • Learn to budget your time, you will need it as an adult.

    No, school length is just fine. Kids need to learn to budget their time and use their time wisely.

    For starters, pay attention and take school seriously during school time. It will make your homework a lot easier.

    Second, you need to set priorities. Stop wasting so much time on video games. Also stop starting debate.Org thread to cut school time, homework etc. Stop procrastinating. School is a piece of cake comparing to having a job, family and other adult responsibilities.

  • It is your responsibility!

    The length of school is great. It is your fault if you do not get enough sleep. Most children get home at around 3:30 to 5pm and that gives them enough time to eat dinner, do homework and get to bed. If they get to sleep late because they left their homework too late or were on their home it's their fault for doing that.

  • Kids and teenagers will probably use that time for things other than sleeping.

    In my expeirence adolescents would use that sleeping time for different extracirricular activities, thus negating any benefits to "sleep". If anything, school needs to start later in the day. I am aware that scheduling would be a conflict but would be more beneficial for the student. Same duration, later day.

  • You need the hours.

    On average, kids spend about 1,000 hrs. In school each year. That is less than half of the over 2,000 hrs. An adult works a full time job each year. Seeing that school is intended to prepare kids for life when they grow up, giving them less class time would make things less like life as an adult.
    If you kids have shorter days, they would have to attend school for more days to make up the difference. I suppose if they have class all year, we could shorten the day an hour or so. The only problem is that it would make things harder on parents as they may have to make arrangements such as shorter days of work or spend more for daycare till they get home.
    No idea why they would need more time to sleep. After all, kids are home at or before 5 p.M. So even with homework, they should have plenty of time for sleep. In my experience, I lived out in the country so it took even more time out of my day taking the bus, and I had enough time to sleep.

  • Its not possible

    As a kid in high school, I would love to spend less time in school. However we need that time to be committed to preparing ourselves for a future career. Studies have shown that it would actually be more beneficial to instead shift the school day forward about two hours. Instead of being from 8-3 it would be from 10-5. This allows kids to sleep in a little bit more, but also get the schooling they need.

    Even though this is beneficial to the learning process, it is not a plausible solution. As a person involved in both football and marching band at the varsity level, I usually don't get home until 8 at night or later. By pushing the school day back, we're keeping those athletes at school until almost midnight.

    As much as I would like to have less school, its just not possible.

  • No.Here's my reason

    I'm a teenager and I know that shortening the school days would not help us. On Wednesdays, my school releases us at 1:32( regular days at 3:00) and that's more than enough time for extracurricular, getting home, do homework, eat, and sleep by at least 9:30. From what I see, my friends decide to go to parties, go to the mall, do parkour, etc. Teens complain about sleep, but when given more time to sleep, they do irrelevant activities.

  • No,No,No,No and NO!

    Because kids would probably do other things other than sleeping and get distracted by Video-Games, Toys, and the web. My second argument is very personal as I too am in my early days of secondary school and I believe that if we lower school time we would have to have more days to keep the education balanced and i doubt many children will get used to this easily

  • People shouldn't be allowed to sleep in class

    Children should be sleeping at home, if you don't get enough sleep at home then you should go and see somebody. Students need to be educated not sleep in class. Students will not be able to get a good gcse grade because there are less lessons. So that is why I believe this should not happen.

  • Someone on this website sure has a vendetta against schools.

    It seems like I see these kinds of questions quite often on DDO. I can't say anything wiser than what the other two commenters have already stated, so instead I will just emphatically support their arguments with my resolute affirmation and approval. Eight more words are still yet required ha!

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PsychedelicBadBoy says2015-12-01T02:01:15.247
Yes and no. If you get rid of a lot of school you should add more days of school. Maybe you could make school start later then in the morning so people could sleep in?