Should the school make the short rule to your knee?

Asked by: username_35
  • Oh of coarse

    Are you freakin' kidding me? This is what your big opinion is about. You must have a really hard life. First world problems. I bet it must be really difficult finding clothes that are "cute enough" or that are cooling enough. If you go to the school just suck it up and follow the rules until you can make your own life decisions.

  • Yes, they should.

    I mean you can wear whatever you want when you're out of the school, but don't wear short shorts or mini skirts inside the school, no one wants to see your underwear or your butt. Most parents wouldn't be satisfied if kids get in trouble. Boys would stare at you..The same goes for the tops.

  • It's hot outside.

    Not many more stores make shorts like that. Or they're not In kid sizes. What if it's a really hot day? Then it would be like wearing capris. Also it's not to pretty because only older people wear them. They're not easy to find at many places if your lucky you'll find them or make your own.

  • Are you kidding me?!?!?!

    I don’t see why schools have a problem with shorts?!?! I mean, of course no short shorts, but to the knee!!! I’ve never even seen shorts that long for girls in stores!!! That is just teaching girls that it is wrong to show your legs. I mean, everyone has legs!!! Girls (and everyone else) should be able to choose what shorts they wear, as long as their butt isn’t hanging out or anything!!!

  • Unreasonable and stuid

    Its honestly ridiculous!! Its a rule at my school. Its teaching girls that its our responsibility to keep ourselves safe from perverted boys and that it is our problem and fault when we get sexually abused and assaulted!!
    Its also teaching girls that their arms and shoulders are forbidden, private, and wrong parts. Unless the shorts show half of your but cheek and your v area then I see no problem wearing a tank and shorts.

  • Don't sexualize normal body parts!

    It is very clear that every human being has legs. There is nothing wrong with wearing shorts that are cut above the knee. Shorts that leave your butt hanging out are another thing, but people should not have any problem with a girls legs showing. Especially in schools with young students, the focus cannot be on sexualizing their bodies.

  • No they shouldn't

    Honestly why would you want to wear knee lenght shorts in the summer when it get to hot! Most companies do not many knee lenght shorts anyways. Students should be able to wear short and people not complain about stuff like that! And yes I know that by saying this people will think they can wear really short shorts! But why knee lenght, it will only make student want to break the dress code rule!

  • Are you kidding me?

    Why should we have to wear longer shorts? So that other's don't get distracted by our legs? Excuse me but they shouldn't be teaching (especially) girls that THEY'RE the one's responsible for a boy's distraction. Look away, don't punish me. Do you even know how hard it is to find shorts like that? Some schools don't even have AC and to be expecting longer clothes is ridiculous. I'm not showing butt, I don't need to cover half my leg.

  • Heck to the no!

    First of all, it would limit boys & girls to the clothes that they're able to buy; not many stores sell longer stuff like that... Especially for girls. Plus, it gets hot outside!! I understand that teenagers might abuse their dress code privileges so I see the point in having a dress code but to the knees? That's a bit too far.

  • No it shouldn't

    Because girls don't want to have to wear shorts to there knee. Its reasonable if we have to wear shorts that goes past are hands its not like we are wearing short shorts so I don't think we should another reason is because girls do always want to wear knee shorts all the way to summer when there out of school.

  • Really? To the Knee?

    It doesn't change anything. Sure, it makes one look more presentable but girls, twelvies especially, have no interest anymore in becoming the star student. Their idea is, "oh, better get a boyfriend. Maybe he likes a bit of leg." I personally like the idea of the skirt being short to the knee, but it doesn't matter. No one is going to follow it, and quite frankly no one cares anymore.

  • No, who cares?

    Let people wear what they want, only if it is obviously reasonable. If people enjoy wearing short shorts, because it's comfortable or they just like the way it looks, then let them. It's hurting no one at all and would be a pointless rule to implement. Don't like it because a fat ugly girl is wearing it? Then look away.

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