Should the school teach financial survival more intensely?

  • I agree with your opinion, But. . .

    I really believe that learn how to deal with taxes, How to get a job and money would help a lot (although this is already a very comprehensive thing, Since there are a lot of different ways to get money and not everyone would follow what they learnd).

    Despite that, I think that learn maths, Physics and others subjects are still important to the formation of the highschool students. Learn how to think critically, How the matter reacts to temperature and why you shouldn't breath dioxide carbon is a really important part of the human knowledge and you - as a human - need to learn at least a tip of everything we discovered so far.

  • Finances are more important than some subjects

    Let's take for example one class with forty high school students, Hardly they will forward for the same path, But the survival finance it's important to all of them. Regardless of whether "Julio" will become a doctor, Artist, Teacher, Entrepreneur or singer. What we do know is that adults with good financial assets make the country better and more developed.

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