• They should have a longer school year.

    Children need to learn more, it gives them ability to education and success, if the students don't learn more they would be down grading themselves towards education. If students don't learn more they won't be understanding assignment when given. To make the kids learn more is to understand the facts, information and getting skills in the type of subjects they are learning... And they also need to remember their work as well, students should remember subject steps so they can have specific skills and honour towards their learning and also students should get homework that can increase and make the aware about their responsibility towards work. Students should participate so they can apply their intellectual skills and knowledge and remembering subject terms and steps is a ability to get a high education...

  • Yes Yes Yes

    Students need to know more to exceed more in life. Kids get brain wash over the summer and don't remember what they learn. Kids need to understand how everything work. Yes i get it kids hate school but they would enjoy it more if students go to school more. YES

  • Go for yes!!!!!

    Most student tend to forget what they learned over the summer and go to school and say my teacher didn't teach that to me. For most students they want to go to school to review more and more so they don't forget. If students stayed in school for 1 more month school would be easier for them the next year

  • School Year Should Be Made Longer

    Yes, the school year should be made longer, possibly year round. Too often during the summer months, students forget the material that they were taught during the school year. By increasing the length of the school year, students may remember more of the material that is taught and not experience this forgetting of material.

  • Yes, the school year should be year round.

    There is no possible reason anymore, with air conditioned schools and such, that a child should be home for the summer. It is more time to get into trouble and more time to forget what was learned. In most homes a single parent or both parents are working full time, so this would help that problem too.

  • I think the school year should be longer.

    I believe that extending the school year will help children retain the information that they have learned throughout the year and will help children keep up with children from other countries who do go to school year round. Children from countries that have year round education tend to be better educated.

  • Summer break is to short!

    At my school we only get two months of summer vacation it is very dumb because I have barely any time to have fun with my family.Also, sometimes I do past due work over summer vacation but that usually takes up half of my vacation. And, I have a lot of stress during the school year and I just want some time to relax during summer break.

  • Bc I need a long rest for my mental health

    I can't handle stupid people and teachers. The stupid sexist dress code. The useless crap I'll never learn I rather be outside enjoying nature and having fun. DONT FORGER THE bipolar schools freaking one rooms a volcano an another is a igloo. Them the crappy food and how nasty bc they never clean. I was waaaaaaay more healthier and happier out of school I rather just learn the crap I wanna be I wanna be a chef so I should learn basic English, math, and science but with the stuff I wanna learn to be a chef. Now I'm depressed bc I hate school I'm not saying I hate learning just I hate the stupid crap they do like can't show my Shoulders or cant wear whatever I want bc I can take the rights away from me. I would be fine with schoolif we learned the stuff we wanna become with basic learning and I can leave school to go someplace else to eat don't forget those stupid idoits and teacher like at my school there sexist pigs and they like mayjor flirt with girls and me really creepy..

  • Kids Do not have vacation

    I do not think that kids should have a longer school year because if they do they will not have time with there family, they will not have vacation, or it would also be overwhelming. The kids would be too tired to learn and get bad grades on a test.

  • No I don't think school should be longer

    No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no noooooooooooooo!!! We have lives you know. We don't want to spend any more time in school. We hate school so much that we are actually counting the time left for school to be over.

  • People have lives

    Kids should have breaks because you could die from not enough sleep. Besides that, you are only a child for so long why would you want to take that from them? I think kids should decide for once. Couldn't possibly be that bad. That is my opinion on why school should be shorter.

  • No its should not

    School should not be made longer because we like how we have time away from school we don't want to be here even longer. 180 days is good for us. Just think what would you do if your kids have to go to school year round? How would you feel to not go in vacation with them in the summer time? THINK ABOUT IT!

  • Just, Just No....

    I do not support this statement because it is just not needed. First of all, kids will have too much stress with the heat in summer. They will think, "I hate this heat and want to go home," instead of "If I finish my work, I will go home!" Also, the bill will be increased. For example, they need to pay for lunch, air conditioning, electricity, and WiFi.

  • It's too long enough

    I think its long enough and schools learn useless things. I go to school and learn useless things. I think academies are more better then going to school. I vote that school year should't be made longer for this reason. Schools is sometimes boring so it's not that good. Thank you

  • School is too long and kids donʻt really want to do school.

    Schools too long, many people donʻt like school cause sometimes its boring and doesn't have fun in learning about weird things that we donʻt need to know. If they really liked school then more people would want to have a longer school year than others. Like school or Nah !!

  • No Way.. Way Too Long.

    School days are already too long as it is, everyone needs time off. All teachers should have time to spend with even just there families. Never mind the students who have a short summer as it is. They would have no time to enjoy their "child hoods". They wouldn't know how to live in the outside world if they were always cramped up in a classroom.

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SillySeth says2017-03-21T14:16:59.553
No School is so boring teachers just talk about other stuff, And most of the time they get off topic.Yes I understand that it builds social stuff to be more outgoing