• Cost is not worth the benefit

    At this point there is nothing to be gained by continuing the search. There will be no survivors and little chance of answers. It is not worth the cost (upwards of $60 milliong) or the lives of the search parties. The chance of an event like this happening again is infintecimal. One freak accident caused by a car does not change how everyone the world over drives, how we make driving laws, or how manufaturers and engineers design cars so it follows that nothing signficant will be gleaned from this one plane wreck to change air travel, flight regulations, and the design of planes. There will be no benefit from this one plane accident that will even out the costs of continuing such a search.

  • This is fruitless search

    It is enough to know that the plane crash and everyone died without making things more conflicated. With this search, the lives of people searching for the lost plane are at risk, the resources are also wasted, and the agony of the people for waiting is just worsening.

    This a search that guarantees nothing but wasting resources and putting rescuers at risk.

  • Yes, I think by now Flight 370 is a lost cause

    I think it's been so long now since Flight 370 disappeared, with all efforts having been exhausted, it's time to put the whole thing to rest. I know that never truly knowing what happened won't give the families of those involved peace, but at the same time, the constant media interest in the matter is doing nothing to allow these people to start mourning, and moving on from what happened. It would be more respectful for them to call of the search now.

  • Just kidding I think we should keep searching

    Why? Because we absolutely positively have to out of respect of the families. They need to know what happened to their loved one(s). I think it is highly disrespectful not to. Also if they find the flight they can know what went wrong with the plane. If it was a malfunction than the government can figure out what went wrong and can fix it. Not only will the families be relieved but finding the flight could help save more lives in the future.

  • No it should not be

    Flight 370 should not be called off yet it is still way too early to call off the flight. The flight has way too many leads that are coming up that we should not forget about the plane this fast. We might be on the verge of even finding the plane.

  • No, it shouldn't be called off.

    The search for Flight 370 shouldn't be called off, especially as at the end of March, 2014, pieces of the plane were starting to be found. When something like this happens, people will always wonder took place, so it's best to investigate, hopefully learn the facts, and hopefully thus avoid wild conspiracy theories. The families of its victims also deserve answers.

  • We must know what caused the crash for the future.

    If the search is called off, we will never know what caused the crash. With many 777 jets flying everyday, we must find out if it was a mechanical error that caused the pilot to change route. Otherwise, this could happen again, causing more deaths. Although it costs time and money, it is worth it for the families involved as well as all those who travel by air.

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