• The second Amendment should be abolished

    There is a lot of killing because of guns and I think it needs to end. Yes, it is also used in good ways like protection and hunting, but a lot more bad things happened than good. It's best to just ban guns and get it over with. No more killing

  • We live in a different time

    The 2nd Amendment was created in a different time where there weren't the modern luxuries we have today. Just by looking at other countries with strict gun laws, you see that it truly works. The US had almost sixteen school shootings in the first months of 2018. England hasn't had a school shooting for almost three decades, all because after they're worst shooting they changed their laws. I'm not saying you need to agree with me. I just think people need to consider this.

  • The 2nd Amendment should be repealed and replaced because it's obsolete.

    If you read the 2nd Amendment, it is really short - just one sentence, “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” Did anyone ever wonder why the phrase, "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state," was included in the beginning of the sentence? Why are people ignoring the beginning part of the 2nd Amendment?

    Militias were important when America was fighting for independence and to maintain independence during the War of 1812. We didn't have a well-developed military in those days. After that, America developed, and now has, the best military in the world. We don't need militias any more. Only 22 out of 50 states have something that might be called a militia. A well regulated militia should be one that has well-trained, qualified people. The right of people to bear arms to join or maintain militias is moot.

    The second part of the 2nd Amendment, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” What that means to me is if I'm mentally ill or a criminal, my right to bear arms shall not be infringed. Even if the 2nd Amendment is repealed, we will still be able to buy guns for whatever purpose we want, unless, of course you have mental health problems or criminal intent, for example.

    The sale of guns should be regulated because it is a huge responsibility owning something that could cause great harm to oneself or others. Cars are similar to guns in that they are a huge responsibility in terms of possibly causing great harm to oneself or others. We should be required to learn to use and care for a gun properly and get a license to show prove that we are responsible gun owners and users. Gun owners should be required to have insurance in the event they themselves or someone else is harm by the owners' gun and/or in case the gun is damaged, lost or stolen. Guns should be registered so they can be traced to a criminal or found if lost or stolen. Guns should have titles or deeds to show proof of ownership or transfer of ownership.

    We should be moving forward with a new replacement 2nd Amendment that is applicable to our modern times.

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  • The Truth - My truth

    In all honesty something needs to be done about guns we can't just have people with mental disabilities or mentally unstable running around with gun. We need more extensive background checks among other things, but the most extreme, getting rid of guns. It is ridiculous, its a childish unthought out solution. On top it seems like a good idea, get rid of the guns get rid mass murders. Sometimes you have to face the truth, most criminals buy guns illegally and that something we need to fix, but the idea is if everyone has no and someone who wants to commit a crime gets one who will be there to stop it. By the time the police respond people will most likely be dead, shot.

  • No way in hell!

    Every case of mass genocide and dictatorship starts with the government disarming the civilian population for "good reasons". Think about it for a minute. Drugs are illegal. What is still plaguing America? Drugs! Abolishing the 2nd Amendment will just disarm the good people! If all guns become illegal then do you really think the law-breaking criminals will just hand in their weapons? No! They won't! The then law-abiding citizens will be taken advantage of by the government. But hey, you can ban guns all you want. I'm not turning them in. If you want them, come get them, and by god I'll be more than happy to die on my feet than to live on my knees.

  • This is our right

    Only 33,169 people were murdered in the U.S. by firearms in 2013 according to the CDC. Most of those guns were obtained illegally. Now, an estimated 2.5 million violent crimes were prevented by law abiding gun owners, most cases there was never even a shot fired. The gun in the hands of a good guy is strong enough to thwart the bad guy. There is WAY more good done by guns than there is bad.

  • The second amendment should not be abolished.

    The second amendment, along with the Bill of Rights, are like the foundations of American civil liberties. Removing it not only infringes upon human rights but also poses as a limiter on the citizen's freedom to bear arms. Although guns can be dangerous and should be limited to the public, the second amendment doesn't even apply to citizens, it can apply to the militia.

  • Not Now Not Ever

    The big question you have to ask yourself is: If you were given the right before most people were born, why in the hell would you take that right away now? Listen, most people that want gun control laws and are for the 2nd amendment being abolished, just don't understand the true facts. Sure PEOPLE have used guns to kill people, but if no one has taken that right away yet after nearly 250 years, they aren't going to take it away not now, not ever. Trust me.

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