• Is the right to kill someone really a "god given right"?

    1 mass shooting a day, that's how many shooting's happen in America daily. How many mass shootings happen in Europe every day? An argument is that it would prevent public attack's but really even today who carry's their gun on them. Just re-think how much good guns actually do compared to the shooting's that happen daily.

  • NOPE! Getting rid of our god-given right is a really bad idea.

    Without the 2nd amendment, there are no other amendments. I mean, look at the native Americans for example. They didn't have guns, just the U.S government. You know what happened? They were pushed around and nearly exterminated. After all, the first step to taking over any nation is to disarm its' citizens first. In fact, country's who have established gun control laws have been proven to have higher crime rates after guns were banned. New England, for example. They have more crime then most cities in America, as citizens cannot stop criminals. Chicago too. They have some of the strongest gun control laws in America, if not the world. And you know what? Gun crimes are sky rocketing there because criminals don't obey laws. That's why they're criminals. If they break any law, what makes people think that they are suddenly going to obey that one law? Not to mention that we already have more then enough gun laws in place. Problem is, NOBODY enforces them. When someone gets convicted of a crime they did with a firearm, they don't get charged with a crime with the gun. Just the crime. So instead of going to prison for 40 years for armed robbery with a gun, they go to jail for 5 years for simple robbery. So what we need to do is actually enforce the gun laws that already exist. And finally, every new gun control act that's created helps re-enforce the idea that guns are bad and evil, eventually leading to every single firearm being illegal, just like Australia. They have a massive kangaroo problem, where they have a massive over-population problem. Farmers wanted to import 7 round, lever action, 20 gauge shotguns to keep the kangaroo population in check and to protect their property. But nope. Liberals said no, as the shotguns the farmers needed were "Assault weapons" They can fire too many rounds to fast. PLEASE, don't let this become America, where we are supposed to be free.

  • Nope it shouldn't!!!

    I believe all points have already been established. The 2nd amendment should not be repelled. There for defense against a tyrannical government, invasion, criminals, for recreation. I think I was listed all the reasons and yet I'm required to say more. Umm, I don't know what else to say. FINALLY!

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