Should the second Presidential debate have focused more on healthcare?

  • Yes, it's an important topic

    A lot of Americans are going through major medical problems with no help or insurance. There is no reason that in a country like this that anyone should be suffering with no insurance. Healthcare is a huge topic in our politics and has been for years. Both candidates should have spent a lot more time explaining to the citizens of the United States exactly how they plan on taking care of our citizens while not bankrupting the country.

    Posted by: jus
  • Yes, it was a big topic this election.

    The second debate should have had far more focus on healthcare because that is one of the biggest issues and was one of the main concerns and areas of disagree between voters. I think focusing more on healthcare would have helped more undecided voters better understand the differences in the two candidates and made it easier for them to make a decision, as well as giving mostly decided voters an idea as to exactly what their candidate of choice thinks toward the idea of healthcare.

  • Republicans Have Already Blasted Obamacare for Two Years

    Health care shouldn't be a major debate issue since the GOP has blasted Obamacare since the law was implemented in March of 2010. The economy, and foreign policy, are more important debate issues so voters can pick viable a viable candidate for the job of president of the United States. Health care debates will happen in Congress over the next two years for sure.

  • There are other big issues.

    Healthcare is a large concern, but there are other large concerns, too. With the state of the economy, people are going to be concerned about paying for all kinds of things, not just healthcare. Obamacare is a controversial program, but it's also already been passed-- we need to also consider what the candidates are going to do next.

  • No

    I believe that the stance on healthcare for each side is pretty spoken so there is no need to elaborate more on the subject. There are many topics and issues that should equally be discussed in order to get an idea of what kind of America each candidate would provide. I don't think any more time spent on healthcare would do any good.

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